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Retroflash Demo

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Author Comments

This is my 2nd' game, With a lot of different block formations.
I think it's a little better than my old 1st game, it can contain some glitches, if you find any then you can obviously post them as a review.

EDIT: OH NO now i canNOT make a full version i lost the .fla during the clean reinstall and the new pc i got D:

Though maybe if i can REMAKE it i might do the trick! :)

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Glitches: on level 4, 6, and the next to last stage if you end up falling on the ground you have to exit and restart. I don't mind simple graphics, however - if you're going to turn this into a real game you need quite a few more levels with the difficulty going up as you go along. The controls seemed to work fairly well other than one stage where you had to jump and push up to be able to climb the ladder. And I know I'm not perfect with my spelling or grammar but the way you misspelled 'their' as 'there' several times bothered me. This is something you should have checked before putting a game up for review in the under-judgement section. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you get some useful positive criticism and re-tool this game, expand it, add more levels and difficulty and then re-submit it.

hamza62240 responds:

*one click on helpful comment* PEOPLE FIND THIS REVIEW HELPFUL!

OK by the way my keyboard really sucks so that's the reason i have too much of some grammar mistakes. Yup, it's my 2nd game and It still contains a few glitches, I used emanuele feronato's tutorial to make this game, yes, in level 4, if you fall down you can't get up (I am fixing that) and you need to press space-than! climb the ladder fast. and i checked it all the way, i ain't found no glitches but the glitches you people listed me. but i don't know houtta' fix them, so kudos.

EDIT: All fixed! I will post it soon.

Oh wait, There must be a problem with the Flash Player, the ladder, we needed to jump and push up to climb, in chrome i just do it normally.


tbh this game isn't very good, but for your second game, you show promise. Keep learning, experimenting, drawing, and you'll make some great games. Here's a few glitches: when I got killed by the monster, I kept spawning above the lava instead of on safe ground. Also, there are some levels like the acid one where you can't get back up (if you can restart the level, it's not obvious how). That said, you should playtest it yourself from now on. I mean, cmon man, all you have to do is play it.

hamza62240 responds:

Yup, the glitch where you get killed by the angry dark blue monster or any other thing in that level you start and keep on spawning above the lava but not on the safe ground, the reason is that I used emanuele feronato's tutorial for platform games in as2, and to make the game hard. and remember: when you are spawning or as a accident fall down, you can double jump.
EDIT: All fixed! I will post it soon.

I know like level 4, 6, acid, and others, I can't add a restart box but i can add enemy's, and i told you; it is my first game.

need some powerups

hamza62240 responds:

OK, Thanks for your liking and 10/10 stars, and power ups, I used emanuele feronato's tutorial for making platform games in flash and that's the reason there are no power ups. i was thinking but i couldn't.

it's really low when jumping and there are some spelling and grammar mistakes.

hamza62240 responds:

OK my keyboard sucks and for the low jumping it was 10 so i set it to 14, you think that's low?

Somehow I like it.

hamza62240 responds:

Thanks for your encouragement for a new-comer in the field of making games, because i am 7 years old...


Credits & Info

2.25 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2012
3:49 PM EDT