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Wilt: Exordium

rated 3.61 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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Oct 9, 2012 | 10:03 AM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE 1: You are not meant to physically reach and push the first bridge switch, you're meant to get the gun and shoot it instead! That part is poorly designed, my bad!

UPDATE 2: For those asking about the lovely music (particularly the theme tune), it was composed by Calamaistr. Check out his page, or specifically the link below, which acts as the foundation for the melody heard on the title screen: /audio/listen/497396

Wilt: Exordium is a prologue to a longer adventure. This game is set in a dream of the protagonist, Jon. Take control of Jon and explore his dark dreams.

This is leading up to something much bigger. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and may influence the project - so please leave a review telling us what you like and what you don't!

It's short, we know. The main game (currently titled Wilt: Last Blossom) is well into development and is at least ten times longer and more expansive. It will also have a proper story which will make sense of some otherwise odd pieces of dialogue in this dream sequence. Stay tuned!

Move with the arrow keys. Jump with A. Perform attacks (eventually) with S.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

the game is fun but the jump mechanic needs work the gap for the bridge switch is damn hard to get...good game though

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Good, game, but right now the story doesn't make sense. It has tons of potential and I hope you finish the longer game. The aiming and jumping is rather awkward for me. I biggest issue throughout the game was the jumping and, during the boss fight, aiming.

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Asvegren responds:

We didn't want to infringe on the main game at all, which is why this one has no clear meaning! It's intentionally ambiguous and will be properly explained in the main one.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

For one thing, I do agree that the game tries too hard to generate an atmosphere that belies the content. It felt forced, not natural. Art is about contrast, and starting with a gritty environment and keeping that continuously just tires the player out. setuF and Gyossait are two games that are great examples of games that tire the user out with their grittiness. Start brighter and get darker, or have bright scenes in between to break up monotony. Beat your predecessors. You have a team of three. You should be able to do it.

The boss has inconsistent deaths when hit by a grenade. Sometimes it explodes into all the clones, sometimes only 7, sometimes only 4. If this variation is intentional, then the player should be able to cause it, but I see no pattern to it. It seems as if the residual explosion from the grenade just kills more of the clones sometimes. Either delay the explosion of have the clones disperse faster, maybe? Or, if it is intentional, have it seem that way instead of having it be some random inconsistent thing.

Consider having the grenade control be separate from the gun control. Also, I felt as if there could be a better animation for the use of a grenade (think Terraria) instead of just having a spherical lump jump out of a gun.

Aiming is also awkward. There should be a better way of implementing that, such as holding shift to lock the character in place while they aim, instead of having it be interchangeable with movement.

An excellent start, but I hope that the final product isn't recognizable as merely this. You can take it way farther than this! :)

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

that gap for the bridge switch is total bs.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

the controls are bad, at least with jump control and directioning, the music is very retro, a mix of chip tune and some adlib vibe. good atmosphere. i cant help but feel your trying to live up to Gyossait. all in all its ok, i wish the controls were more natural.