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Oct 8, 2012 | 6:52 PM EDT

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This is a 3D animated short film prologue I spent 9 months working on, it was made in Autodesk Maya and rendered using Pixar's Renderman. The film is about a mysterious character who explores the dark depths of a giant abandoned facility. The purpose of this instalment is to create an atmosphere and establish the environment. It acts as a prologue to a whole series of upcoming shorts films about the character's journey through the facility; this is just the first phase of the story.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

On the one hand, not being anything near a decent firearm handler myself, 'why was he holding the gun like that the whole time' (unless he didn't know how he was supposed to hold it himself or there was a particular reason why) although on that note, he was almost constantly moving fast enough that it didn't matter as far as what we could see.

On the other hand, as opposed to him exploring, I got a vibe more akin to a character that's lived there a good portion of recent life and that he runs for a reason (something more akin to a survivor of something like what happened in 'I Am Legend', but with encounter suits); also that whatever it was that was watching him is a product of his imagination, which is why he finally got the feeling that someone was there. Nice animation quality, reminded me of Team Fortress 2 for a bit, and I noticed that at the computer station, although every other movement he made had sound, whatever he was doing with his hands was hidden; that is to say, clever on the point where precise animation was not made necessary, and easier.

Wonder what he'll go through next?

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While watching this, all I could think about was Portal. A lone wanderer inside a seemingly abandoned facility


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c'mon guys its not easy as it looks, making a 3d movie especially for newgrounds is some tough work and as ive said its 3d so its hard to make characters move cosidering the phase of the background lighting etc. and we should be proud because the creator spent 9 months just for us newgrounders to see it :D

kudos to you nick :D (can i call you nick ? hahaha) you sir is a great addition to the newgrounds community


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Why do you guys discredit this man because he uses 3-D?
All you guys use your mouse, draw somthing crappy, post it, say "Keep it up" and unfairly give it 5 stars. When a guy does 3-D, you go hard on him, dispite stunning graphics, Heavy polygonal detail and count enough to crash my computer, and beutiful amount of shading scripts and particles. And then you give him 2, 1, or Zero, because its "Unfair" of how easy it is to make 3-D art. Well, let me say, FUCK YOU! Do you know how hard it is to make model after model, paricle after particle, frame by frame, polygon after polygon, and have to rig it all? You guys are just getting your fucking mouse, moving somthing here to here, fucking around with a shitty microphone, and get 5 stars. This man may have had a team of 15 to 20 people, or himself, and take about a MONTH or even a YEAR to get it to the point where you can shut up. Yet you don't, and you act like a fanboy because you like one of the either. I just don't know why, because this man has the right to have this just as equally trated as a sexual-lobster or krinkles animation without prejudice. You guys are fucking annoying as hell, and probebly never touched a modeling program EVER. So give this guy the respect he does, and don't complain because of this and that, then point the positive on a flash. This was amazing, and I hope these haters don't let you down. 5 stars belong to you, my friend.

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I have a couple questions for the upcoming shorts will there be more than one character will there be narration and will it start off like the prologue or will it be the character going into the facility? Overall it was a very well done animation thought that the intro to the prologue was kinda long but it was good.

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