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This is a 3D animated short film prologue I spent 9 months working on, it was made in Autodesk Maya and rendered using Pixar's Renderman. The film is about a mysterious character who explores the dark depths of a giant abandoned facility. The purpose of this instalment is to create an atmosphere and establish the environment. It acts as a prologue to a whole series of upcoming shorts films about the character's journey through the facility; this is just the first phase of the story.


I Love the environment is great i enjoy the feel you get but i am sure you have had comments on the running the only reason people was questioning it is because it is unnatural the character is stiff if you do not have access to mo-cap you should try to do video references other then that great job and glad you shared your work from one 3d artist to another

I like the idea, and great work on suspense. Although i do have two problems. 1. the running. 2. The fact that in almost every zombie/horror/ etc. Movie or animation gives the charecters a shotgun. Someone please give them something that does not have shotgun shells in it.

Amazingly awesome, I loved most everything about it, except his running form it was a bit weird.

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That was actually really scary... That really set the scene! The animation was top-notch, really look forward to seeing more Phases in the future :D

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interesting. i wonder how much phases will come in the future...

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4.05 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2012
6:52 PM EDT