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This is a 3D animated short film prologue I spent 9 months working on, it was made in Autodesk Maya and rendered using Pixar's Renderman. The film is about a mysterious character who explores the dark depths of a giant abandoned facility. The purpose of this instalment is to create an atmosphere and establish the environment. It acts as a prologue to a whole series of upcoming shorts films about the character's journey through the facility; this is just the first phase of the story.


Two words: Metroid Prime

Animation quality was pretty solid - modeling and lighting was nice, but I have two rather significant issues.
1) Nothing is narrated in this animation. Nothing is discovered, nothing changes, and nothing is revealed. This is hugely problematic in a prologue, something that typically acts as a tool to set the stage for episodes to come.
2) the way your character holds his weapon is a bit odd. Typically, when holding a rifle/shotgun, the arm that holds the handle bends almost completely and sticks out of the torso at about an 80degree angle. The other arm typically stays parallel to the torso, bending back upwards to meet the other end of the gun. This is probably poorly explained, and a bit of time looking at reference pics and videos would prove beneficial. At the very least, you did an excellent job keeping the awkward anatomy from being visible.

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I think this is brilliant. It reminds me of dead space and is eerie in that sort of way that you dont know whats coming. I think that tis will be a very good series and have succeded in drawing me in and me wanting to see more.
I cant wait to see the next one.
To whoever said that the storyline sucks- You must have no imagination, there are a number of things that could be happening here, extracting data, destroying the facility etc. Its made to be like this to make you think of whats next etc. Just use your brain and THINK.

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its pretty interesting. Not much happened but I loved the CG

I think that when he was going down the elevator, maybe he could had talked on his mind of why he was going there. What was his mission, or something.

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4.05 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2012
6:52 PM EDT