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Vanity versus Visionary

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cheers for FP once again!

Hey guys, a lot different to most of my work this year. Still has a clear message though.

"A tale about overcoming ego and trusting inner creativity to find love."

I actually started this very vaguely back in 2009, but had only animated the opening sequence! I had some motivation recently to go and complete the remaining 90% of it. Hope you enjoy!


Why the hell did the strongman die? Did he do something wrong? I mean, really, the worst thing I saw him do was look at another woman. Seriously fucked up to kill him at the end. It was great up till that point though, 4.

Decent animation, nice message. The ending was a little odd, but I think the meaning got through.

Also... are they supposed to be mudkips? >_>

Blordow responds:

knew I should of changed the colour... you're only like the millionth person to ask this question lol

Short and sweet.

cool. funny looking bunny people things.

The guy below me is a fucktard.
He is being a queer because his shitty little mind can't process anything.
Go to hell.
Also, this was a video worth watching, because it wasn't 3 seconds long.

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Oct 8, 2012
10:01 AM EDT