Goku vs sonic part-1

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a sprite fight, thank you for the nice feedbacks.


not really my kind of animations favorites sorry. but good job with it, and sounds were awesome :)

Sure, i could judge you based on quality and orginality and all that other garbage, or i could just state how enjoyable this flash was. which was very, and honestly, who cares other wise? i found this very interesting, and funny aswell. Sure, it was a tad generic, but you kept me guessing on whether or not you were somone with a faggy preference towards either genre, but you always redeemed each side so far. So good for you, 4.5/5 because i enjoyed it that much, and the quality was quite good. Dont listen to these mediocre cridicks, they just want to sound intelligent or act as if their opinion really matters because they are. Good work buddy. very fun to watch, which is SO rare these days.

Just because I feel that the text was done sloppily and that wasn't even a 1 on 1 fight, as the name suggests. If it were titled Sega vs DBZ, I'd have given you 4.5 stars.

They are standing off the cliff.

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The animation is good, but this is just so fucking...random. I just...I don't even

I won't let the randomness, or lack of backstory, of this influence the vote, just the animation quality (Too many cliches will lower my vote though, since that shows a lack of originality) .

One cliche to watch out for, by the way, is not to keep introducing characters into a fight for a "ZOMG TWIST!!!1". In what I understand to be a fight between Goku and Sonic, throwing knuckles and Vegeta in there was already pushing it, but when Shadow popped up, I was all "Lol Wut?"

I've seen this cliche countless times in several generic "Mario VS Sonic" flashes, and it always annoys me.

Initial Score: 0/5

Animation Quality: +4.5
Sound quality: -0.5
Originality: -1.0

So with that I give a 3/5

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3.53 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2012
10:46 AM EDT