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Toad's Turnpike Cruising

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This is a simple animation to help improve my animation skills and I choose toad's turnpike because it was my favorite course on mario kart 64.

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Just rename flash to "OJ Simpson Car Chase" and throw in some audio bites from the trial

I love the detail of the cars. being a car enthusiast, I can recognize the cars right away. other than that, not seeing much of a point other than for practice. I hate to blam it because it is just you practicing, but I don't think it needs to go in the portal. I suggest making this into a 'pimp my ride' game or maybe a full movie.

Might I suggest that you add some visible physics to this? Like, when a car decelerates, have the nose end of the car dip down slightly, and when it accelerates, show the car slinging back.

Verdict: Great art, but no substance.

hummerh14 responds:

thanks im a car enthusiast to I cant wait until I can buy my first car and customize it.

Very good! There's nothing wrong with posting and contributing on here, even if your bored. This place...well its not perfect since most peoples critiques might be either lacking of too farfetched for their own good. Not only that I don't deem the professional since to me the review and honesty should both come from the mind and the heart and yet I still have not seen a single person on here to have the common dignity and grace to be fair, I digress though. You've done a good job on your animation loop friend. Its well detailed and it has a unique flair to it. Audio I must say is quite nice, Your chosen soundtrack was nostalgic and relaxing to me since I'm a gamer! I'm going to bestow you a 2 in a half out of 5. And a 3/5 in voting power. Keep practicing, creating and contributing here. I hope you've enjoyed this review buddy. Good day.

hummerh14 responds:

thanks for the great review and I agree with the points you said in your review most people write unfair review that are just pointless.

you could change the car colors