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its just a demo


nice, really nice game, art and music.
it was very difficult in the beginning, but once I figured out the controls it was perfect!
you should only add some instructions, for instance what's the difference between pressing s or d.
but overall, a great game!

Anrydatrh responds:

Thanks, I will add some new features and do some more levels.
And add the full game.

I see a bright future for this game!

Okay, I like it, but you should describe the controls. Make the animation more fluid. And some simple Sound Effects would do wonders.
The background music is nice at first but then it gets really annoying. I would recommend you to add a few more piano pieces (1 per world should be okay).
Also, change the name once you're done. People will avoid this just by looking at the title.

Well, for a simple platformer jumping game (I haven't seen this before), I actually liked it. It looks like some way of choosing how the story goes, but seriously, Animation was clunky and the smooth surfaces weren't so smooth. It looks like this was drawn in MS paint with dragging boxes, but thats just my opinion. Good work, though.

the glitches are strong with this one. I was wating to the game begin, but it only happened when F5 it.
The spikes are not well delimited. like the character and the walls.
Buuut, I see a good future for this game. The art is simple, and the music is complex (that's a good thing). good luck fixing it!

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2.29 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2012
8:36 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle