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Demo version of me game

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its just a demo


it's a good concept, looks neat, I like the music, though I'm not sure if it fits the game well, it's hard to judge based on 1 level, and I'm not sure where the music comes from, but make sure you have the rights to it, and don't end up with a copyright infringement claim
but there were quite some glitches, where I suddenly end up in a wall or falling in an endless emptiness, where I need to reload, or when I didn't actually hit the spikes, but only the ground near it, I got killed
also, the game didn't work at first, until I used right click - play, and when it finally worked, I just ended up in the game (the level overview) not sure what to do, and although it was easy to figure it out a bit, it'd be nice to have instructions, and perhaps a menu
it's also a bit annoying not to have a mute button, so you might want to introduce that too,
I did like the looks and feels of it, but it misses a storyline
for now, I hope you can understand that I'm going to rate this 1.5 stars and a 1 on the pico submission rater thingy ('rate this submission'), because it just needs much more work, I'm looking forward to an update and to your full game though, so I'd appreciate it if you'd message me about that :)

Anrydatrh responds:

Ok, i will try fix all of this

It probably could get put up but i didnt quite like it.

First off, you have to make an instruction screen because when a person plays your game, you can't expect that he knows all the control in teh game. 2nd, the spikes need a lower hit box because when i walked to the spikes, it killed me even though i didn't even touch...it wasn't even close, it was still obvious that i didn't touch it. Also, the game needs more colors because it's black, white, and gray...if you're aiming to create an atmosphere like Closure or Limbo, that's alright....but if you are, you need to change the music from a happy classical music to a creepy classical music....also, make the levels feel like it's connected like in closure or Limbo and not random things like oh instead of spikes, you have to also climb boxes as well. Overall, everything else is good, it's just that.

Anrydatrh responds:

OK, i try

nice, really nice game, art and music.
it was very difficult in the beginning, but once I figured out the controls it was perfect!
you should only add some instructions, for instance what's the difference between pressing s or d.
but overall, a great game!

Anrydatrh responds:

Thanks, I will add some new features and do some more levels.
And add the full game.

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2.29 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2012
8:36 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle