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Slight Confusion 10 Points

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Author Comments

I present to you, Confound.
My first serious project in Flash, made over the course of a month using Flixel.

You are a test subject of the Confound project, which studies the mind's ability to relearn how to perform simple tasks such as jumping and walking around while under the effect of artificial confusion.

Forget all you have learned about movement controls.
It's time to get confused.

WARNING - This game can be quite difficult at later stages. It also has an Auto-Save feature, so if you are having trouble, you can just quit and finish it later!

Protip - Take your time and think it through before moving around when near danger. Try no to be reckless.

Seeing as this is only my first flash game, I'd really appreciate some insightful reviews about what could be improved upon or not, if the game is enjoyable or not, that kind of stuff.

I hope you all enjoy this one!

EDIT - Woah! Front Page? Thanks, Newgrounds!

EDIT 2 - Reduced enemies and spikes' hitboxes.

PS: You can control the Volume with the - and + keys and mute/unmute with the 0 key.


This game did exactly what it seems like it was intended to do..annoy and frustrate every hair off of my head! Despite that, I'm still playing and trying to finish. I can guarantee I never want to attempt this again when/if I finish. All that aside, I think it's very clever! I did notice some issues with the display matching the current directions after going through the beams on level 9 but I guess that's because the timer needs to update for it to catch up. Having to start over after getting past a lot of hurdles is very discouraging so having more spawn areas in each challenge would certainly help. Taking our time, being careful and watching the display may be the keys to winning but you also only have 5 seconds to undergo a plan and sometimes the display doesn't keep up to date.

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there is a annoying delay timer-keyboard... but still a good game! and i want my icecream >:(

This game was not enjoyable or fun in the least, this is what's known as a "challenge game". The only pleasure I derived from it was proving how much better I was than it. In that regard (and that appears to be the only thing the game was trying to do other than be funny which it kind of failed at) it is awesome. 4.5 stars. Because it wasn't funny.

I want my icecream...

I'm pretty much stuck at level 17, so I guess I'll write a review now.

-Unusual type of challenge, which focused on the player's ability to constantly change their muscle memory. Definitely had not seen this in a lot of other games, and I like it.
-Nicely designed levels, which definitely fit the 8-bit style the game was going for.
-Jumping, climbing and moving was pretty smooth and accurate. Made the game a whole lot more enjoyable.
-Most of the levels weren't that frustrating, which helped make it re-playable and also extended the game's length.

-Some challenges are based too much on timing. The timing gap for some challenges is so small, it's almost by luck if you get it. It also doesn't help when there's another one of those immediately after it with no pause.
-Some of the longer levels could have used a checkpoint. I still got through them, but it would have been a bit less tedious. (not really one of the bad points in the game, and can be overlooked)

Overall, I'd say this was a pretty good game, especially for your first flash game. I'll definitely come back later and try to finish it.

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Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2012
5:38 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle