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Probability 0 (demo)

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Jan 9, 2021

Hello, droqen of the far, far present here! None of those below links are relevant anymore.

Probability 0 is on Steam now:



Probability 0 is a roguelike-shmup-touched platformer.

It's a fast-paced arcade game, pitting your ever-growing abilities against a mutable, treacherous landscape and swarms of enemies who grow to match you.

Within and beyond the demo you'll learn new abilities, discover new enemies, and figure out how to best deal with the threats that come to find you in the darkness.





~ a note:

Different versions of flash player handle sound differently, so depending on your version... you may notice the music looping a little too fast. In the downloadable demo & game this doesn't occur. If it REALLY bothers you, consider grabbing the demo from the website!

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absolutely great game, youre generous with the demo, but stingy with the full game.

shitty controls, attacks, and the demo is 1 room where nothing happens. i hope this gets buried.

Its good to see people still making attempts at 8-bit platformers but I've got to say, I don't think anyone is going to spend money on an 8-bit game especially if they can hack it easily. I mean maybe if it was a 32 bit flash game with excesive content and dynamics id understand, but your game is a simple, 8-bit, never-ending platformer. I honestly doubt you can make a decent amount of money off this. besides most Atari level games are like 3 to 5 cents a pop if people actually pay out money, I think asking 10$ is way to much.

The gameplay is wonderfully simple and straightforward which makes the game good. So kudos to you. The health system could be a little clearer, but from what I gather your life=your chances of survival i.e. the numbers on the middle of the screen. You take damage from enemies and from falling, in proportion to your fall height. The upgrades are intuitive and actually useful which is nice. Maybe a jump-punch could be added for those who're too cheap to use stars on airborne enemies? Also the post-damage invincibility frames should maybe prevent you from attacking. On many occasions I died from an excessive fall when panicking in the middle of enemies and accidentally destroying the platform that was under me. Other than that the game is simple in its ingenuinity and deserves a full version.

TIP: The flowers with the white dots each hold 1 throwing star.

i don't like arcade permadeath type games. i like persistent progress.

the aesthetics are top notch though.

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4.14 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2012
2:07 PM EDT