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Talk Head

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Added to syncdata for Talk Head Sep 16, 2017.

dragonborn 2

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Sep 12, 2017.


Added to syncdata for Talk Head Sep 9, 2017.

i dont know what im doin halp

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Sep 6, 2017.

Gimme Dat Butt

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Aug 24, 2017.


Added to syncdata for Talk Head Aug 20, 2017.

so many FUC*ing wonders

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Aug 6, 2017.

Gimme Dat

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Aug 4, 2017.

overwatch mccree voice

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Jul 25, 2017.

tell me im red

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Jul 23, 2017.

Watermelon Bazooka

Added to syncdata for Talk Head Jul 23, 2017.


Added to syncdata for Talk Head Jul 20, 2017.

Author Comments

JohnnyUtah and I are working on a BIG game with a lot of in-game voice acting. It would be a mess to animate all that lip-syncing inside the heads of in-game characters, so I made this tool that lets us construct strings of lip-sync data. This way, each character just needs a few different frames that can be manipulated by the data.

The tool was kinda FUN, so we decided to turn it into a toy for everyone to play around with! You can load any audio track from NG or the web and manually lip-sync it. We've also tapped into the NG sharing system to let you save and browse the collective works of the community.

The SAD NEWS is that AS2's sound.position property turns out to be BAD and doesn't update every frame as expected. Playback results also vary by OS/browser. If an animation is out of sync, try hitting the "+" or "-" button, an offset between -2 and +2 should help although to REALLY fix this thing I need to finally get into AS3. :(

IMPORTANT: If you are using one of those Amazon URLs, note they have an "Expires" value in there, meaning your submission will eventually break. Maybe you can just remove the expiration data from the URL, not sure.

UPDATES 10/10/12:

1) When you save your creation you can now check a box to make it available to the public, so no one will see your work in progress until you're ready.

2) The Browse page has two tabs - "ALL" and "MINE", so you can access your own creations. Your unpublished works will appear when browsing your own creations.

3) View counts are now available while browsing entries.

UPDATE 10/31/2012

Fixed some issues with the public/private setting on files as well as the browsing of files. It should all work correctly now!

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Welp. It took me hours, but it was worth it. Thanks you two for making my day.


Bahah, wait till you guys see mine....

expecting to use the microphone but... meh good

Fun to work with, but limited. I would have liked more faces and more detailed descriptions of the things the mouths can do - frequently I encountered sounds that weren't listed on the mouth positions. Overall easy to use though, and I noticed the syncing worked impressively well. Kind of annoying that the most viewed syncs are actually blank, but that's not your fault.

Add more faces and more graphics. Otherwise this is really neat.

Also major lol when I read you coded this in AS2.