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9 Ball Pool Challenge

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Finish a game.

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Score 1500 points or more.

Author Comments

Use the mouse. Sink all 9 balls in order.


Pretty average. The physics, which games like this live and die on, are mostly ok, though some angles are a little odd, and I did have a ball bounce 'through' a cushion before returning to the table. What lets this down is the lack of traditional rules- combination shots are penalised rather than rewarded, there is no penalty for hitting the wrong ball, or indeed no ball at all, and sinking the 9 ball does not end the frame.

There are much much better pool games around, but as a start this is passable.

eichwulf responds:

Thaks, will fix these for the next version!

The controls and audio are okay, the graphics are fine but nothing to write home about. There are some errors in the rules. Firstly, if the 9-ball is sunk on a legal shot, the player wins the game automatically. Secondly, you should have a scratched cue ball and any pocketed balls returned at the same time, as well as allow for cue placement after a scratch.

I really disliked this game. The aim was very jumpy, and wasn't very accurate most of the time. The physics of the balls were terrible, and sometimes they went in, when it wouldn't in real life. Also the graphics are very average.

@chazzybigdog The game is called 9 ball for a reason meaning that if you want to make a combo it has to go in order 1 thru 9 not 1 and some other number if that was allowed the name of the game would have to be changed.

The game seemed alright controls are touchy and really finiky and there's no music.

I thought this was going to be really easy at first, but I didn't even know how the game was played. It would have helped if there was some music. It does seem like it achieves its goal of wanting to create a standard game of pool. It's too bad I've never played a game like this before. I've played pool a few times in real life and it wasn't that bad. While the graphics aren't well detailed, they are fine.

While it doesn't have that much uniqueness, it is good for what it is. It's really cool how you get a vision of where the balls are going. Then again, it's hard with having to put them in the right order. It's a nice little game and people more familiar with you should like it. While not the best, I recommend it.

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2.79 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2012
11:53 AM EDT
Sports - Other