Kanji Pictorials II

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Japanese pictorial characters. Use in-game mini dictionary to view meaning for the symbols
"Show last symbol Information" area is only available, when you reveal a matching pair.
Helpful comments are appreciated.

*Now game has a music. You can always on/off


A very good game! but a little short. I'm going to learn Japanese sometime in the future, but it's going to be a little hard for me because I know all these symbols easily but I know them as At least I now know that some of them have the same meaning, they're just pronounced different.

ma1998 responds:

Keep learning. Kanji may take time. It took me 5 years to learn some 1000 now. I started too late maybe. I will be making more games. Tomorrow will upload Part Three of the "pictorials" series. Thanks for the rating and comment

The backs of the cards could be more artistic.
Also, it would be cool to play blackjack with kanji cards! Like have a definition and kanji for each number of a certain suit. Like the seven of hearts would have a different kanji than a seven of spades. And there could be multiple decks for various kanji. And maybe the player must give the definition for each kanji on the cards they receive while playing!

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ma1998 responds:

Thank you for the idea. I truly appreciate it. I will work on it. Thanks again

I saw this and I'm like YES! A JAPANESE THING! I've been wanting to learn it for a while now.

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ma1998 responds:

Thanks. Here you can play the first game, which looks pretty much the same, but different symbols. I hope they don't strip the link.

Interesting Card game to teach me a little bit of kanji.. Not bad not bad.. Liked it with music too :D

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ma1998 responds:

Perhaps, you are right, I should add music. Users have choice anyway.

This game doesn't seem to do anything. A broken upload, perhaps?

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ma1998 responds:

Thank you for letting me know. It happens sometimes. I fixed it

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Oct 4, 2012
9:44 PM EDT
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