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Deep Sleep

rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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Oct 3, 2012 | 4:34 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Thank you for the Front Page, Newgrounds! :D

You are stuck inside a nightmare dream. Something lurks in the darkness... Something in the depths of your own mind wants to pull you even deeper. Someone will escape this dream for sure. The question is - who is that going to be?

This was an entry into 10th Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Community of judges awarded it with the 1st place prize.

Bugs fixed:
- Volume resets after starting a new game
- Some important things doesnâEUTMt reset when restarting game
- Zooming out browser crops part of the game



Rated 5 / 5 stars

As someone who doesn't play a lot of scary games, watch a lot of horror movies, and was terrified of the game slender, this game made me crap my pants. Aside from the thrill of this game, the concept is very creative and unique and the execution of it is fantastic. The visual design really delivers the creepy feeling of the game as well as the soundtrack. All in all, I would recommend this game to anyone and thought it was absolutely brilliant. And this is coming from someone who wanted to cry almost the whole time. Now if you will excuse me, I have nightmares scheduled for tonight.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Sorry to say, but I don't like this game.

First off, the story is non-existent. You wake and it. So are you supposed to make it up from that point on, or is the quote before the game supposed to be all the story need?

Who is the protagonist? I know nothing about him. Can you at least give us a name, or tell us if he IS a he? Could it be a SHE? Or even what the protagonist looks like? Who is he? he do for a living? Any talents or hobbies? Why is it he startled by a man screaming for help from within a giant furnace, but is instead terrified of a tall dark thing walking slowly towards him?
Are we supposed to project ourselves onto him? If so, then it work, no sane person would do HALF of the things this crazy person does.

As for the game, yeah it looks nice, but I find it hard to immerse myself into this world.
I try to look for realism in scary games, I feel the best way to immures a player is to use realism, that way the player can relate to the protagonist and his actions. Now, if woken up in some sort of Hell, where the walls disintegrate into dust and left in some dark world, my first instinct be to remove the arm from a skeleton sleeping in the same bed I was sleeping in.

You see, the actions one preforms is highly reflected onto ones personality. I know nothing of this man, so because of what he does, think some sort of crazy man who believes in cult conspiracies. My theory is backed up by the fact that he has newspaper clippings on his wall in his house. And going to assume that we are in his house because he says nothing about it upon waking up. He say anything like, this look or, this my

As for the ending, a mess. He says his life is forever changed, but I know how. He say how or why. I even assume how his life is changed because I know nothing about him. Why does he want to go back into that dream? To find the truth? What truth? Our apparent objective to find the truth; it was to get out of the house without getting killed. And, what, he can just go back whenever he wants to? And why does he refer to those tall dark things as "creatures"? They could just be men in robes who know about him and his progression in uncovering their cult.

In conclusion: The story needs heavy work. If you like looking at stuff and being annoyed by things that fail at being scary or you believe in a secret dream controlling cult, then play this game. If not, then skip this one and play a real horror game. give it a star because of the nice visuals, just remember: Visuals alone create immersion.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent! was surprised how quickly it ended! It was incredibly well played and the puzzles were awesome! The everlasting chime from the cube and the first encounter with the body snatcher is what cheeped me out the most.

It felt unfinished because I had so much stuff left. The coal, the old rag, the golden statue, and that mysterious scale and squeaky horse seemed like loose ends. I now understand that two of those where references.

Loved the game!
Also...does anyone know how to get the hidden medal? pm me pls!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

i thought this was a good game. not the best out here, but a much deeper story than what usually ends up on the front page of newgrounds. but to honest, the game was a mix of memorable and unwanted featured.

the storyline was good in some places, with the quote in the beginning being very well-ly chosen, and the scenario of being trapped in a lucid dream being interesting. but the mysterious figures had little to no storyline context. and a few extra endings would not go amiss.

the gameplay was simplisticly fitting, and, admittidly, some of the moments made me jump. yet the pixel style of art just doesnt seem to fit, and can sometimes make thing hard to see.

i would lke to see this storyline idea be explored further, with more trouble differentialling real life from lucid dream. not perfect, but still pretty good.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sooo awesom and scary, I nearly crapped my pants :D Cool THanks for the creator of this game... make the second part!