Deep Sleep

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Thank you for the Front Page, Newgrounds! :D

You are stuck inside a nightmare dream. Something lurks in the darkness... Something in the depths of your own mind wants to pull you even deeper. Someone will escape this dream for sure. The question is - who is that going to be?

This was an entry into 10th Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Community of judges awarded it with the 1st place prize.

Bugs fixed:
- Volume resets after starting a new game
- Some important things doesnâEUTMt reset when restarting game
- Zooming out browser crops part of the game


Good game. Its creative and simple for those others who played it before. Like me.

my n***a

5/5. This game, with it's brother and sister, scare the shit outta me every time, and I've played them through 3-4 times each.

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Good game. It succeeds at creating suspense and mysterious atmosphere, and keeps the tone through the entire play through. I have to say though, that few scary moments was predictable and somewhat ungrounded - sort of the stereotypical scary things and situations, little childish even. Also, given the story premise - you are asleep and this is your nightmare - this stylistic approach could be very well justified. Puzzles are evenly challenging, also pixel hunting might be the problem sometimes (for example, I had problem with finding the switch for the oven and then - with finding proper lever for it). The flashlight mechanic is well done, adding a new dimension to the experience of vulnerability. In my opinion, It might have been used for more environment-oriented puzzles.

Overall the game effectively utilizes traditional point-and-click adventure aesthetic conventions to create fun and scary interactive experience. I can't wait to play sequels and see how initial ideas were developed there!

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I played the second and third game already, so it is obvios that i already know what happens in this game, but my heart is like a drum. It doesnt matter how i see this game or how often i play everytime it is still one of the greatest games ive ever seen - it is also the reason why i came to newgrounds.
If there could be anything better than the fact that this game series didnt had a fourth part.
Its just my opinion.

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Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
4:34 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click