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Also Too Scared To Poop

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Our submission to the 2nd Newgrounds Movie Jam, which is late because of reasons.
Though we weren't the only team to go with the 'Too Scared to Poop' theme, we were actually surprised to find that only one other team did, as we assumed that there would be more.... I'm not sure what that says about us.

Veselekov did the art and animation for the 'scary' stuff!

EthanAlways did soundrack stuff!

RedMinus did animation, cleanup, and final editing!

Sorry about the file size but hey, things could be worse :^B

-Team LookHowFunkyTheyAre


Nito had to use the bathroom with his 5 friends at the same time
That random guy is the true villain!

yeah, that's real hardcore. not, but seriously, it needs an M rating, great work.

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Dont listen to these haters. This is a classic!

I'm not gonna whine about the ending I just thing this thing deserved a "mature" rating. Even if it wasn't presented in a sexual manner that is still hard core nudity.

I notice some are put off by the somewhat unclassy ending.
It isn't the poop joke itself that is intended as humor. It is the satire created from a serious and well animated buildup ending abruptly with crudely graphic humor.
It is unfortunate that the bag of which classy, witty jokes come from is only so big, with many minds incapable of understanding them let alone telling them. The presence of unexpected awkwardness appeals to a wide variety of audiences, particularly those with a much more carefree, taboo and standard lacking perspective as well as the young people we all know is present on this site.

Todays humor is running out of ideas, as is all things these days. Everything is becoming cliche. The only thing we seem to have left to poke fun at is our own insecurities. Hence the increase of graphic animation, deliberate crude animation style, often chaotic use of dialogue all used lately. The recent uprising of the meme trend seems to poke more at our insecurities than anything, taking no prisoners whatsoever from pedobear to scumbag steve's hat to "third world success"

Therefore to be pessimistic with the direction the humor is being forced to take is like being angry at babies for crying. It's just a step of growth. I for one find today's humor quite refreshing and straightforward. I can only take so much monty python and sitcoms.
Its no wonder why shows like family guy and south park got so big. Now their running out of ideas by trying to out create themselves. They gotta go back to the roots. like this. Simple.

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3.97 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
4:55 AM EDT