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Also Too Scared To Poop

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Our submission to the 2nd Newgrounds Movie Jam, which is late because of reasons.
Though we weren't the only team to go with the 'Too Scared to Poop' theme, we were actually surprised to find that only one other team did, as we assumed that there would be more.... I'm not sure what that says about us.

Veselekov did the art and animation for the 'scary' stuff!

EthanAlways did soundrack stuff!

RedMinus did animation, cleanup, and final editing!

Sorry about the file size but hey, things could be worse :^B

-Team LookHowFunkyTheyAre


Animation: nice dude
Story: not much of a story but someone takin a shiz is lolz
Other:Endin face,nuff sed
Overall: shiz + demons + random asshole = cool ;)
4.5 starz
good job

I cant beleive yall showed him drop the deuce dude I was like wtf but all in all a decent flash good job on the skeletons especially the big one

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I really liked this one! The design of the demons was really great! The necronomicon joke...well....I lol'd. The face he made after he dropped the deuce was priceless. The only thing I would mention is a consistency issue. The Head Demon burned a long scratch in the front door of the outhouse, but in the next frame of the outhouse, the scratch wasn't there. What up with that? Anyway, well done, team! Well done!

with all that hell going on t would have made him shit more


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3.97 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
4:55 AM EDT