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Also Too Scared To Poop

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Our submission to the 2nd Newgrounds Movie Jam, which is late because of reasons.
Though we weren't the only team to go with the 'Too Scared to Poop' theme, we were actually surprised to find that only one other team did, as we assumed that there would be more.... I'm not sure what that says about us.

Veselekov did the art and animation for the 'scary' stuff!

EthanAlways did soundrack stuff!

RedMinus did animation, cleanup, and final editing!

Sorry about the file size but hey, things could be worse :^B

-Team LookHowFunkyTheyAre


love the end bit , not the poop but the little giggle!

Just saying he sould go to a doctor if his butthole is that high XD

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I like how this is rated T (so I assume it's SFW), yet you showed the guy's asshole (NSFW).

Alright, I'm gonna be brutally honest now. Serious review time.


Animation's good; very detailed art. Just what I'd expect from one of the "big shots"

The voice acting is spot on. I was convinced that I was listening to a man cowering in fear on a shitter.


I easily recognized the Spriggin' sound from King's quest. How about some originality? Using the spriggin sound is like using the wilhelm scream.

The premise is cheesy, the situation is unrealistic (or at least the character's a pussy), and it didn't really "pull me in". I felt kinda like I was watching a demented kid's show.

There's not much story; it's just a random guy taking a shit in an outhouse in the middle of nowhere.

Little character development; he never says anything. Just gasps and sighs.

To be accurate at all, this should be rated 'M' because of the asshole (raise the nudity level to excessive if you must), then I'd've at least seen it coming and not watch this shit in my living room, lol.

Maybe I didn't get it, but I sure wasn't fond of it.


I'm surprised to give a score like this to someone like you. I'm disappointed.

Come on, Red.

redminus responds:

Well yeah, but that's sort of the whole thing with the Movie Jams, it's not about creating your best work ever, it's about working with your team to get things over the finish line as best as you can within the very short time frame. Obviously many of the Flashes that get finished might not stand on their own as well outside of the context of the Movie Jam, but they're not necessarily supposed to :/

And I'll be spinning in my grave the day that showing a cartoon butthole is considered "Mature".

lol....thats a GREAT little movie you made..hmmm....i think 4.5 stars will be good

Lol. That butt was disturbing.

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3.97 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
4:55 AM EDT