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54 Dead Miles

rated 3.28 / 5 stars
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Sports - Racing

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Oct 2, 2012 | 11:06 PM EDT

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Crush them zombies with your your car, which can be tuned and upgraded. Earn upgrades and make longer ride by improving the parts of your car. Zombies shed the seas of blood, they do not hurt, they are happy!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not so fun


Rated 2 / 5 stars

there are a lot of glitches/bugs in this game that make it really hard to play.

1. lag. there are times that there is a 5 seconds where i am not moving, then it starts to roll slowly. or going 80-100 meters a frame.

2. round circle in a square box. your moon animation did not work.

3. bloody mess (or lack there of) when you get your truck bloody and have the wheels on the ground the blood is gone! also, after a while, (on truck 3) i stopped collecting blood all together. that means going the entire run clean.

4. are you done yet? i am glad that you installed the button to jump to upgrades and end your round. more times then not (when i am out of fuel on truck 3) i just sit there, and the round does not end.

5. booster (mis)fire: if the 3rd truck is vertical (after flipping) and you hit the space bar, what direction should you go? i would think up, but instead it pushes you forward. even if you are on your back, and the booster is facing the WRONG WAY, you still get pushed forward.

6. so what's new? as pointed out by other players, what is new about this game? i would have loved to see bonuses handed out for unique ways of killing the zombies (like using one to kill another, or using the flames from the boost, or just taking off their head)

7. how much? i would like to have seen the prices for the next upgrade even when i did not have the funds to get it, just to know how much it will cost, instead of either guessing or figuring out based on the upgrade slope.

8. money balance: you seem to make more then you should (or prices are too low) because it is very easy to get upgraded very fast. stretch out those upgrades and make it worth upgrading.

9. tips (other then listed above) to break into the run over zombies game market: offer something other games do not, example, more detail, like as you upgrade the engine, you see parts of it coming out of the hood, the tires, as you get the bigger trucks, make the tires really the focus, make them zombie crushers!

i think that about covers it. i am still leaving a few stars for the game not being totally bad, just needs some attention to the details, and something to keep the player engaged for the entire game.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok... I actually finished the game. ON a positive note, I the blood splatter effects were a good addition..\. Besides that, I've basically played this game before, I hardly needed to upgrade the first two vehicles to get the last, and essentially, all you had to do was press "up" the whole time. It's not BAD, just underwhelming. Also, the "control" upgrades didn't seem to do much of anything on the last vehicle. If anything, I think you should add some sort of cash bonus for doing flips, because there were a few times where my truck backflipped 8 or so times before landing and it would have made me feel better/more in control if I were doing it for some type of trick bonus. It's a 2/5 to me.

Anyhow, it's not a bad game, just very simple, not terribly original, oh, and it could use some type of ending. Even a truck driving away into the sunset or something would help.

Good luck on any future projects.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

This could have been a much better game, but you've overlooked quite a few basics.
The first one is not putting instructions in-game telling you which keys to use. It's simple, and wouldn't make players frustrated with your game before they even start to play it.

All the other in game foibles aside (no variety in zombie sprites being a good example) the second and most important thing you've overlooked is to make it challenging. There's no penalty for anything in this game: if I crashed the trucks (which was pretty hard to do) I just had to click on "upgrade" and I was back to buying more stuff and setting off again: no days past, nothing changed. You could have fixed this by including a day counter and a damage meter for the truck, which would increase replay value too (beating days taken, etc).
Talking of upgrading: only the engine and fuel upgrades made any measurable difference to how far the player goes. The "control" one seemed redundant: they're trucks, not motorbikes, and the "wheel" upgrade was purely aesthetic: it didn't effect how you rolled over the zombies.

Your graphics were ok, but I hope you're an amateur: the blood spatters were really badly animated. The quantity of blood and the gore were fine, just make it a bit slicker if you want to compete with the bigger games (and yes, I am going to mention Earn to Die).

Finally, and this is only a little thing, but if you're going to be specific and say it's 54 miles, make it 54 miles. Changing the distance counter to fractions of a mile might be an idea, or tweak it to the correct number of metres: 54 miles is just under 87km.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

It wasn't bad for a copy. But there were a few problems. The physics were definitely off which ultimately made upgrading the control kinda pointless at times. I also had a habit of freezing. The grass looks like it cleans the vehicles of blood. I do like the blood covering the vehicles. An achievement for the future could be "I got a new paint job."

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