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Fall Ninja

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Diamond! 5 Points

Collect One Diamond!

Heart! 5 Points

Collect One Heart

Jets! 5 Points

Collect One Jetpack

Power! 5 Points

Collect One Powerup

Fly like an Eagle! 10 Points

Collect Three Jetpacks

Heart Therapy! 10 Points

Collect Five Hearts

Rollin in the Bling! 10 Points

Collect Five Diamonds

Ten Waves! 10 Points

Beat Ten Waves! (Wave Mode Only)

Triple the Power! 10 Points

Collect Three Powerups

Heart Transplant! 25 Points

Collect Fifteen Hearts

Jet Up! 25 Points

Collect Five Jetpacks

Massive Bling! 25 Points

Collect Fifteen Diamonds

Power Overwhelming! 25 Points

Collect Five Powerups

Twenty Waves! 25 Points

Beat Twenty Waves! (Wave Mode Only)

Thirty Waves! 50 Points

Beat Thirty Waves! (Wave Mode Only)

You are a Fall Ninja!!! 100 Points

Beat the Game! (Wave Mode Only)

Author Comments

WASD / Arrow keys: Move Player
0 to mute
+/- to adjust audio
P to pause

Avoid Objects:
Rocks - Instant Damage
Fire - Dame over time
Ice - Freezes Player
Bomb - Instant Damage

Collect Objects:
Diamonds - Extra Points
Hearts - Regen Life
P Block - Makes Player invincible
Jetpack - Slow down the rate of fall

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awesome game made ninja style

@Cyberdevil is right there's something funky going on with the Triple the Power medal. Same exact thing happened to me first time through the game -- that medal didn't unlock but all the other medals did.

Started afresh and was able to get that medal the second time through. I think I know what the problem is and it is due to game bugs but if you had problems getting that medal and want to get it, ...

Step 1) Clear your browser cache *or* start a game on another browser which does *not* use the same "flavor" of Flash, so in other words if you did it on Firefox, now do it on Chrome or if you did it on Chrome, now do it on Firefox, as one example.

Step 2) Generally try to avoid everything (as much as possible) except those P items.

Step 3) Before taking a P item make absolutely 100% sure you are *NOT* invincible and/or temporarily hit. Very Important! Also don't take *any* jetpacks

Step 4) Only if you meet the above, now take the P item and wait for it to completely wear out. Do *not* take additional P items while a P item is still active. Very Important!

Step 5) Repeat the above thrice and most likely this time through you will obtain the medal and be done with it.

For some reason "Power Overwhelming" unlocked for me, even though "Triple the Power" is still unlocked. Seems other users have unlocked it though, so... wonder what happened there? My general impressions of this game are great, such a simple game to get into, easy to replay, and fun to run through over and over again trying to beat highscores. Obstacles and upgrades provide plenty of variation, and the level design and music is reminiscent of old arcade games. Not too hard; not to easy either. Feels balanced and fun. Great game!


Nothing original but well made + Fun time waster! :D
Some glitches through... Game would hang when I died, but never so bad that I would need to reload the page.

Like Tron-Carner said (2 years ago *cough*), I got the "Five Power Up" Achievement but not the "Three Power Up"
Changing browser resolved the issue: Switched from Chrome to Firefox and got it.

i got every medal except beat the game in two tries.

TocoStudios responds:

Did you beat it and it not come up, or did you not make it all the way?

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2012
9:49 PM EDT