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God tells Abraham to start chopping wieners.

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Just illustrates how ancient, barbaric and not written by a cosmic being capable of creating universes the bible is.

ClearKnight, if this video makes Christian people seem retarded to you for maintaining their beliefs...then perhaps its right. I don't doubt there is a greater power in the universe, but it isn't a childish God who throws tantrums when it doesn't get what it wants and forces rules upon his creations that were clearly created by man.

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I'm cool with this.

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I understand that this is meant as a comedy/parody of Bible stories, but this clip goes too far. It implies that anyone who is Christian is retarded for mantaining their beliefs. I agree that the story of Abraham does seem strange from our perspective today.... The quality of artwork is great to convey the satire... but when you aim to make something funny, please don't cross the line of sending a message that people who believe differently are complete idiots. I would have found this very funny if you had toned it down (I make jokes about people in my own faith, but use more caution when joking about other faiths... --You will be more funny to a larger crowd if you show a greater degree of respect.)

Samination responds:

It was a cartoon based on the actual scripture. I guess it's the bible itself you have a problem with.

this has inspried me to get circumsized

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Samination responds:

I'll get the knife!

My cheeks hurt from laughing too much. Apparently there were others before this so now I will go watch those too.

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Samination responds:

10 of them!

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Oct 2, 2012
2:19 PM EDT
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