Sleepless Summer Nights

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Have you ever had a sleepless night? I have. Come and witness an experience sleepless summer nights.

Greetings! This is a animation about something that is personal or is it universal? have u had a sleepless night? Oh i bet you have! well if so then maybe you will get a kick out out of this. Behold a short journey which takes you through my typical routine i had during the summer holidays. With nothing to do but waste away, sleep became hard to obtain. As such it was almost instinct to go and watch tv at 4am, and what better things to watch then old nostalgic cartoons. soothing and magical. These fairly old animations made up for a great recipe for sleep. Calming and relaxing they would send me away to dreamland, free of charge. ok so. i spent about four months on this animation. If i worked on it every day it would have been done quicker. Its about 4:15 minutes long, a new record for me!

thanks to samuel1234 for the creating the music and other sounds.
also about the voice acting, ahem. I did it, its not that good. But hey its a personal story right?

The Shining Cartoon Network The Simpsons (hello Joe scene on YouTube)


This reminds me of Creepypasta

jamiedude responds:

hmmm funny you should mention that. *wink* *wink*. but yeah overall i suppose it does have similarities. looking at "spongebob" for example, could easily be associated with "suicide squidward" creepypasta due to the disturbing nature of that scene.

Sweet Christmas that was *Awesome*. Kudos man. I've had nights like this. Nights EXACTLY LIKE THIS. Strange, lonely, insanity producing events going late into the evening, filled with weird Anime and cartoon characters and a strange emptiness that you just can't...seem to fill. Points off for rough animation in some parts, and some long, kind of awkward scenes, but overall a work of near genius. And...did I hear music from Resident Evil 4 in there somewhere?

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jamiedude responds:

thank you for your review, yeah some scenes and animated bits were very bad. it was kinda difficult to edit them, since it was all frame by frame. yeah there was music from resident evil 4. its the "regenerator" theme. although, samuel1234 edited it a bit, and so i guess it counts as a remix. it plays during the pillar scene. :)

Man that was a really freaky video. When all the cartoon characters were standing on the pillars it seemed like something you'd see in the exorcist or something. And damn, if I fell asleep watching this, the last part would have given me a heart attack. Nice work

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jamiedude responds:

thank you very much!! :)

Well I think it's totally epic, maybe I'm bias but who cares ;)
the animation is really cool in places, I love the cat. I really like the photshop backgrounds you did too.. all in all most excellent. Your best work yet. Just need more now... go go GO!!! (quicker this time)

Oh and obviously the music is just genius (It's not.. I wish I hadn;t done the xylophone bit at the beginning. don't you rekon ?

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3.65 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2012
2:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original