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Seven Deadly Sins - Final

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Here it is, the last part of my series 'The Seven Deadly Sins.'
While the previous parts had self-contained stories, I highly suggest watching them to get what's going on here, as this final part ties everything together.

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very solid was your idea, but still good animation!!!

Solid idea on this one good animation style

I liked the concept behind the series, and the way you managed to get all the narratives to intertwine, it's kinda rare to see serious projects on newgrounds, even rarer to see someone follow through and complete their series.

The drawings were fairly simple, I feel the series may have benefitted from a more "serious art style". On the other hand maybe not, there was a lot of dark humour in this and I think the art implemented may have been helped with those elements.

I like the use of colour in this, the black and white definitely gave the submissions a darker tone, and in a way gave a subliminal "good vs evil" theme to your work.

The animation is relatively good, there are spots where some of the movements seemed to be "off", overall though I can appreciate the attempts at the complex frame by frame animation.

Excellent use of music, though I'm not sure if that piece is public domain, and would have preferred to hear something from the portal as well.

This was an ambitious project, so congratulations on it's completion!
I hope you'll continue submitting challenging original material to the site, this was a nice breath of fresh air, and you show immense potential.

- Celx Requin

Well we all suffer from envy. I think a little narrative would have been nice,but I nly saw this one.

How ungrateful that they live there lifes.