Redbeard's Treasure

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Click on adjacent letters to make a word, then click on Submit.Make a word like one in the list shown on the right side to get extra points.When all of the words in the list are made you will go to the next level.


i kinda like the idea but there is so much wrong with it. needs a lot of fixing

Lots of potential, but:
sound didn't work the first 5 or so times
what riddle? just find a few words
arrows from last word in progress when game ends stick around until the "sending score" screen clears.
and that sending score has been stuck there now for the entire time its taken me to write this...
starting game over puts us through the ad again
needs a few more words in the dictionary, like "zen"
only way to back up while making a word is to click somewhere totally unconnected and then start over - no click again to deselect/back up
font for number of level reached doesn't match text next to it
no way to pause (could cover up all the letters and needed words)
have seen two target words with the same pattern, e.g. "T__" & "T__"
I think there was a problem the very first time I played where a word that matched two targets, e.g. "SET" for "S__" and "_E_" didn't turn off either one. Not sure about this now though.

Lots of potential, please fix and bring it back.

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over all not a bad game. decent sound. okay graphics. needs a good sequel.

Interesting twist on Word Find paper games. It's spiced up a bit by the character of Red Bear challenging the player to get the treasure if he can solve the riddle. Graphics are functional, and gameplay is simple enough but may offer too steep a challenge for some.

out of 10...
gfx - 6
sfx - N/A
gameplay - 8
design - 9.5

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2.28 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2012
4:09 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other