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Adam & Suzy

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I'm getting back into this animation malarkey, this is the first of many (he says questionably) and I threw it together in just a few days so don't be mean. If you're kind enough to leave feedback then that'd be much appreciated. I read every review.

The original music is not mine, so all due copyrights etc go to Rhoda & Feather beard.

check out his soundcloud where you can dowload the track I used if you like weird and disconcerning music - http://soundcloud.com/vos otros/thisis-a-humalong-f eat-featherbeard

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Somebody has relationship issues....

Larry, what the fuck is this?
5 stars

Shouldn't be "E" for everyone.

Would have been better if it had an actual plot. (Or some background information for why the characters behave the way they do -- for example, why is Suzy still "friends" with Adam?) Also, the song is way too long for the flash.

How can anyone score this above a 0 or -5 for that matter?Well i gave it a 2.5 and i'll tell you why.The art style was simple yet charming in a weird way and the song helped.That only added up to .5 of the score though,the other 2 points was because i saw something hidden deep within your "video".That's because IT WAS NOT A VIDEO AT ALL!This is an auto-documentary that's about YOU!You have a friend named Suzy in real life and when she gets mad about you licking her you get angry and start pissing and violently shitting on her frightened shivering little helpless body.LEAVE HER ALONE!She's too scared to get help and she cries herself to sleep at night on her stinky pillow because she can't manage to get your shit crumbs out of her otherwise beautiful hair no matter how much Pantene and VO5 she uses.JUST STOP IT!YOU"RE KILLING HER!PLEASE LET HER BE THE BEAUTIFUL PINK BLOB THING SHE WANTS TO BE!!!

Fim responds:

Gahhh dam you and you're psychiatric perceptiveness, twas indeed just a frilly metaphor for my shit fetished self. Art imitates life.