Yoshi Hates Castles

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UPDATE: Thanks for daily 3rd! Also, I threw a NG reference in there that no one seems to have caught. That or it wasn't clever enough to comment on (which would make sense too).

For Movie Jam 2...

The theme we chose was 'Too Scared to Enter'.

Yes, I know. It's a tad late, but when you work in retail, they don't give a shit about animation deadlines.

Anyway, this is probably the most retarded thing we've ever done. Enjoy!

-Matt Hunter



The graphics were decent, though the choice of pencil/line tool for the characters made them look very awkward. If you don't have a tablet and have to use the pencil/line tool, that's fine, though I'd suggest that you at least add varying line thickness to give it an idea of depth. The scene where Mario's on Yoshi looks awkward because it's simply too thick.

The varying angles were nicely chosen and the direction was decent and compensated for the awkward-looking graphics. Everything was nicely executed.

Considering the time you had to do this, the animation was alright, though there were some flaws in it that could have been easily fixed. The tweens could use some easing to make it achieve a more natural look, otherwise it just looks a little mechanical.

It's also worth noting the short music at the end which was very fitting and suited the humorous theme of the movie.

Overall, it was okay for what it was and could use a few minor improvements. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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That was short and nice. That dead Castle Crasher guy in the corner was a pretty funny reference too. Yup, just say no to death traps.

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You put a bad word in the video,bub!

MOC-Productions responds:

Fuck that.

That is so true, LOL.

That was a nice impressive short and sweet video. I mean Mario and Yoshi are just riding around then they come across a slaughter house castle.

I also think it's nice you made this being that Halloween is coming up, so you made this just in time.

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3.90 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2012
6:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody