Cafe Rouge 7

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Visual Novel and cooking game. Chapter 7 of Cafe Rouge and finale episode of series.


Okay here's my reivew... the game had potential but you fucked it up. The fucking arrows didn't follow any sort of logic which was a pain the entire game where sometimes the route worked sometimes it didn't. The art was interesting, but it seemed like the artists couldn't make up their mind as to what style they wanted to use.
The branching paths might have been interesting if you had a system like all visual novels do of actually tracking them, I have a strong feeling that the choices that altered the path were quite minor and didn't necessarily follow any sort of logic. Then of course the bad ends... wtf I mean seriously you should give a retry option rather than force someone to fucking click through all the dialogue again. And then you had the nerve to fucking make it so there weren't any good ends?! No matter what you did, you died. That is not how visual novels work. and so I am afraid I must give this series a 2.5, it could have been good, but you fucked up, and I can say that since you submitted the game on newgrounds.

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Good job on making these games I like you get to cook at Café Rouge and everything keep up the
good work. ;)

This is an amazing visual novel series. I'm almost surprised that this isn't an anime, it would just need more to the story so it'd be longer and, personally speaking, Isis's parting words from Val's good ending would be a good ending for it too. If it was an anime I'd be a die-hard fan (No pun intended).

Only 2 criticisms. When trying to get home from the cafe, it'd take me forever to figure out which way to go since there were so many ways that lead to nowhere.. And the t****13 password was... Let's just say 'a total troll.'

Other than that, simply addicting.

Really enjoyed the music and the artwork c: Learned that there was more then one password ^_^' and overall was an exciting series C; 5/5

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no the pass is t****13

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3.91 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2012
10:29 PM EDT
Simulation - Other