Too scared to swim

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Hey everyone, this is Team Necronomicon's entry for the 2nd NG Movie Jam. Made in 48 hours.

The theme, Too scared to _____. We chose swim.

Thanks for the Frontpage Tom!



I know it's complicated to make a movie jam in 48 hours, so thumbs up for making it. Still, I think you guys saw too big on this one: your story was too long, and I think when you realised it was to much work you rushed through the graphic part, making a big loss in quality. You've got talent, just work on smoother animation and character style, that's always the priority over plot and length.

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah story was way to long. Had to pretty much use first draft drawings as the main ones cause of time. If I do another movie jam I'll be sure to make it short and sweet. That way the animation can be cleaned up a lot more.

don't exactly know why someone said this made no sense it was clear he was afraid of the water... if you didn't get it you must be dense.

kalabor106 responds:

Heheheh ;)

A nice entry,it had good structure overall besides the slightly abrupt ending.Even though i only laughed literally one time,i think you guys let the opportunity of a few more worthwhile jokes slip away from you.The plot and characters were ripe for at least one or two more quick jokes in there somewhere but if you were dealing with time constraints then that's understandable.With a little more time for improvement to the script,i can easily have seen giving it a 4 or more.Like i said,good entry though.

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah it was on a time restraint. We had to cut it short do to no time left. If it was a common project everything would of been done better for sure story, VA, animation. Thanks for the review.

Great entry for movie jam :D

kalabor106 responds:


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Sep 30, 2012
7:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original