to scared to make a anima

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im working n a big animation so this is what i could do in like bout 2 hours, of total work. ENJOY



I gotta be honest, this wasn't very good.

Granted, you had to make it in 48 hours and it had to be on topic, but this was just bad. The animation was terrible, the voice acting was mediocre at best, the title wasn't grammatically correct, and it was too short. Then again, it WAS good for a quick chuckle, but that's not what I'm reviewing, I'm reviewing the quality of it, which just wasn't good. I personally couldn't do better, but I at least know what I'm talking about...

MVPTOAST responds:

I like what u said but all my animations are for a quick chuckle, its fun to make them silly and stupid and really crappy too

That was great! This is good for a quick laugh and to showoff your animating prowess. Animation style was simple and bland but it was very well scripted in a "crises" scenarion on what could happen if an animator is stressed out of their minds for an NG Movie Jam 2 entry! Audio was great and lip synching was great in your comedic part. And it only took you 2 hours to procure this final product!? Well done good sir, well done! I'm going to bestow you a 3/5 and a 3/5 in voting power. Keep practicing, creating and contributing here. I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

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Sep 30, 2012
11:01 AM EDT