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Easy Peasy 5 Points

The only easy medal you're gonna get.

Snowy Death 50 Points

Survived Level 2-1

The dj-takozx Award 100 Points

Die 2000 times and break the death counter.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments


DESUTORI IS NOW AVAILABLE FREE FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY, thank you for the unprecedented support, I appreciate it, and from the team to you, I thank you. See you next game!

http://indievania.com/gam es/desutori


Game too hard you wanna rip your hairs out? Skip levels by pressing B at the title screen!




# Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move.

# Use the Space bar for various in-game options.


The game that made Tom nervous is finally on Newgrounds!

The 8-Bit Hardcore Retro Side-Scroller is here!

Will you manage to collect ALL 12 CRYSTAL SHARDS OR DIE AN AWFUL DEATH?

Enter Desutori, a side-scrolling game about a unlikely Hero and the Goddess who travel far and wide in search of the ultimate power. The Cosmic Shards.

Special thanks to
TheBackAlleys Forums for the support,
Dilly, Fefe and GhostingFish for the help.


I'm actually quite thrilled about many of the aspects in this title. The difficulty and the simple basis of objectives make it both a frustrating game and yet one that isn't so far as to say complex. I enjoy the challenge in it, however, there is a great deal I do not enjoy and I'm going to need a response to understand why you choice things to run this way.

First thing I don't enjoy is the pacing. Your character moves so slow and the objects so very fast. Now I get that this is sort of how the game works, but where the blazes is my character's urgency? Let's walk to the end, that's real intelligent. I could understand like speeding up some things if you sped up the character, I don't know if this would be wise as I'd likely be inable to comprehend what is happening on the screen due to the high velocity movements of everything, but I feel as if though the game pace is rotten on the first level. You get to these points where you feel urgent, but after walking through them you get to these long halls of nothing. That just sucks.

As for the second world... World 2's objects are very see-through. I get the challenge incorporated with that as well, but I feel that it is ridiculous trying to avoid objects you can barely see. I think that draws the line between "challenging" and plain stupid. There is so much going on on the screen it is hard to keep up with everything, but the damn stuff on world two is so hard to see it's ridiculous. I don't feel I'm being challenged, I feel cheated.

Another issue is that the challenges at parts seem to get easier than before. Like the ending to world 1 I got in one go because it was super easy. The scaling of challenge increases like crazy at parts and suddenly drops too quickly at others. I don't feel this scales well and it ruins a player's momentum.

Now for the mechanical criticism.

WHERE IS WASD?! No, that's unacceptable. WASD and arrow keys should be available in any flash game. There's no 'Q' for quality, no direct way to exit a level and return to the start and if there is you need to better indicate that there is. I've hit space bar (don't know if this comes later or something) and it does nothing. Also, I'm not sure if you caught this but clicking the sound icon during cutscenes doesn't work. If I hit "M" on the keyboard it does, but not the mouse for some reason. And then later on once the gameplay returns you can press it then with a mouse.

As for the rest. I love difficult games. I would be dumb to say I love frustrating games. I like how you can learn from your mistakes at least in this. I'd say you require a large amount of patience to deal with this game and although I'm very patient I play games for quick entertainment and this game just isn't one you can rush.

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Kooh responds:

The game revolves around a phrase: "Death Story".

Death as a theme may be overused in the game industry, but I chose this motif for a number of reasons.

First off, the character is incompetent, she's a videogame character interacting with characters who are far more developed than her, she's along for the ride while these two. She speaks in bleeps and bloops, so you can only assume what she says. In short words, you're basically in the shoes of a video game character.

Second, I based this game around the old NES games I used to play, physics and all, it may seem slow, but timing is everything in this game, rather than blazing through, you have to understand that your character is a bit slow and you'll have to guide her. How do you make this fun? It was hard, but I tried to offer a solution

The erratic display of challenges is most likely a fault on my part, I tried to balance the game, but in the end, what is easy for some players, is hell to others. That's the beauty of gaming.

You will die in this game, I made careful arrangements to ensure that everything the game throws at you is not cheap. This is not "I WANNA BE THE GUY". Death is imminent.

You can't rush it.

I agree with the WASD and arrow keys, this is my first professional viral flash game, and I will learn from it, just like you'll learn from Desutori. You'll just have to be patient and enjoy your winnings and try not to rage from your mistakes.

Thank you for the insight Damonandsky, it is most noted.

I love this game but how i get the medal "The Dj-Takozx award"?

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Kooh responds:

Die 2000 times. This is not a joke.

arrrrrrrrrrgh,auggggghhhhhhh,grrrrrru mphhhhhhhh,nghaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!! make an easy version for folks with the reaction time of a slug... like me!

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Kooh responds:

That is a consideration for the next game I will take to heart, don't worry!
Even so! You can skip levels by pressing B at the title screen!


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Kooh responds:


A less visually impressive but equally enjoyable Super Meat Boy, it seems. I see this going places.

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Kooh responds:

Thank you man, I have only the highest regard for Team Meat.

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3.61 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2012
3:40 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other