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Easy Peasy 5 Points

The only easy medal you're gonna get.

Snowy Death 50 Points

Survived Level 2-1

The dj-takozx Award 100 Points

Die 2000 times and break the death counter.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments


DESUTORI IS NOW AVAILABLE FREE FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY, thank you for the unprecedented support, I appreciate it, and from the team to you, I thank you. See you next game!

http://indievania.com/gam es/desutori


Game too hard you wanna rip your hairs out? Skip levels by pressing B at the title screen!




# Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move.

# Use the Space bar for various in-game options.


The game that made Tom nervous is finally on Newgrounds!

The 8-Bit Hardcore Retro Side-Scroller is here!

Will you manage to collect ALL 12 CRYSTAL SHARDS OR DIE AN AWFUL DEATH?

Enter Desutori, a side-scrolling game about a unlikely Hero and the Goddess who travel far and wide in search of the ultimate power. The Cosmic Shards.

Special thanks to
TheBackAlleys Forums for the support,
Dilly, Fefe and GhostingFish for the help.


It's a nice die-a-lot kinda game. It has nice music and anime themed style. Great job!

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Kooh responds:

Thanks, BaineBG

(Warning: Contains spoilers and JOJ <---- joke lol but seriously, has spoilers)

If you're not trying to beat this game without dying, it's very easy. Especially the final boss but the final boss was rather buggy. The first time I'm fighting her, it kinda looks like she's scrolling around the screen and using her magic to kill me all the time. I was like wtf? She's too fast and shit...eventually it slowed down a bit..The fight's too easy as well.

Now if you're trying to beat this game without dying then it is indeed very hard. Especially at stage 2-1. I do memorize the patterns but it's still hard...even when my reflexes are rather weak.

The voice acting and music are super fucking awesome.. I especially love how the final boss screams as she's dying and said "I regret nothing" Then dies.

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Kooh responds:

It was a bug, thankfully, some of the Newgrounds users got a hold of it and now it's fixed!
You can now enjoy the cutscene!

Not bad, in fact I like it!

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Kooh responds:

Thank you very much, PoisonHeart, glad you enjoy it!

A hard-as-hell platformer, yet it never feels cheap or cheatsy. That everything moves in set patterns shows a lot of care put into the level design. And it's not overlong too, which makes me happy. I cleared it in not too long, mostly by being patient... every time I rushed, I died.

I did get the weird lives-destroying bug at the final battle too. I was wondering if that was intentional... guess not.

My only... well, not really a complaint, just... well, honestly, the characters shown in the title art and in the shard-get bit are really adorable, and I'd rather see a 'high-def' version of the game using those rather than retro-pixels during gameplay and cinemas. It'd also help with... y'see, it always bugs me a little when really-retro-pixel-looking games just "Mode 7" rotate a sprite... always throws me off. Plus the way the sprites are scaled, like the giant swinging blades, and how the shards are super-smooth shapes, not pixel-built at all... I think things would look more cohesive (and stand out from other games a lot more) altogether were this done with a line-art look instead. Not a complaint, just... an opinion.

Overall, really good, looking forward to seeing what else you got coming!

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Kooh responds:

This is the second time this bug appears, it's not game breaking, but I think fate decided to put it on the most important event, and it scares people!

Spooky! The pixels with art combined is more of a catering to a niche and design choice.

Thank you very much for the feedback, ThatMSipher!

I quit after about 5 minutes of just dying -_-

Not my type of game, but I like the art and the voices in the beginning of the game :3

Kooh responds:

There's a walkthrough on YouTube, if you want the story but not the gameplay there's always that!

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Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2012
3:40 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other