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Just testing out some mechanics for my new game. Use Enter to talk to the person in the house.


This is a test, you should only submit finished games. Improve the graphics, add a plot, and take your time next time.

Nice mechanics test. I'd love to see this be included in a full game! :)

LFOB responds:

This is... pretty damn old actually. In fact, I've actually made four full games since I put this up. The best one is playable here: http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/lightless/62286/

I'm hoping to really get into HTML soon, so far I've just been messing around with it but I might get something up on the wasteland that is my Newgrounds page soon enough.

Dude, this is where you go? Is that why you're so distant? You gotta tell me the program you use to make games and make them compatible for sharing... Tell me the link bro!

LFOB responds:

Nah, I'm not here much. The main ways to contact me is on Scratch or Twitter.

Most of what I want to say is already in other reviews you've replied to, but I also wanted to point out that it's really odd being able to "talk" to the girl in the house from across the room in a (basically) top-down game.

LFOB responds:

-_- Sorry, I rushed it.

Seems promising!

The sword pointer was "pointless", but it will probably be some sort of attack method when the game is finished, perhaps?
The spawn point should be the house's door when you exit the house.
Good graphics and RPG ftw.

LFOB responds:

Yeah! RPG FTW! In the full game, the battles will have a mouse-based attack scheme.

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2.39 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2012
4:16 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG