Minecraft: TNA Part 11

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Note to viewers: Turn up your volume! It's much more epic when it's loud.

With the mobs in sight and heading towards our 3 heroes, N00bly, Fart, and Snake must now repel the army from killing the kind NPC Villagers. Will they be able to last until dawn?

Edit: Let me know if the sound is not aligning later in the movie. I'll try to fix it if enough people bring it up.


I don't usually write reviews, but in this case, i have some time to write one. I've watched your shows from the first till the last, and i must say that they get progressivelybetter in terms of hmor and action. my only criticism is that the fights aren't that epic. For example, during the seige in this episode, i expected some DragonBall Z Ass-whopping such as Fart grabbing the skeleton in anger and ripping it in half, but i guess your sticking to the core idea of Minecraft and I respect that. I was impressed when the Enderman started choking N00bly, that surprised me because i always thought that the Enderman should be upgraded to strangle the player when it straes at it, y'know, since it has those long arms.
For the Story. i feel it's really well made. you use the same storyline about a team of heroes off to fight the dark one. this kind of story fits well in a show based on the game Minecraft. the story is simple, yet enjoyable. i hope that there will be more twists to come.
for the fighting, as i stated above, you stick to the core idea of minecraft fighting, but just with more blood and gore. i hope you extend this fighting as much as possible such as the moment when the Endermen started strangling N00bly.
For the characters, they're well made. You have the kind and balanced protagonist that is loyal to his friends. you have the intellectual that is a little overprotective, and the brutish one with a golden heart that is the comedic relief in the show. i just wish that you could add more characters and recur some of the past characters like Pwny_Rainbowz, or Yoda Morphius. Maybeyou can add a minion of Gaylord, or a player that managed to upgrade himself with a mod but not get banned for it.
the music is fine and dandy, and the graphics are smoother and less pixalated that Minecraft, but still retains the blocky texture it's known for.
For the next episode, here are some ideas I thought would fit into your series well:
1. in Episode 12, can the Red circle be a Nether alter where a psychopathic player is trying to summon the Wither and he ultimately does? And the three heroes have to fight it?
2. Can you make the Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders yell in their noise "For Blockomancer" but very quietly so that you need to hear heard to understand when they're fighting? Blockomancer is a storyline i developed where a corrupted worker was fired for adding monsters (the Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, and Creeper) into Minecraft when Notch just wanted it to be a peaceful building game and his MInecraft Character was banished by Notch into a realm deeper than the Nether. But his creations (The Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, And Creepers) still obey him and are used to kill Notch's creations (mainly the player).
Other than that, this series is very well written and very funny. i just wish that you could take some time to read this review and reflect upon it. other than that, keep it up, and never give up.

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Dude...continue this series. It is so f-ing amazing, man!

don't stop this series its awsome animation is fluied and awsome great story line very intresting and i wonder what heppens to fappington manor

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I liked this episode a lot. It made me laugh at the pig's death.
The animation was fluid and well detailed.
A nice movie, I must say.

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Such a great series, you're definitely not disappointing at all, the story is progressing nicely and hasn't lost attention of viewers. Keep up the good work!

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