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Submachine 8: the Plan

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Author Comments

The submachine is all around you. You can feel it. But you can't really escape it...
Or can you...


Yeah good job

Honestly, I think kwing underneath nailed all of the points I wanted to make, but I also wanted to add that I got a bug. I went up to the top of the first area and tried to use the cog on those beam emitors, but the cog wouldn't deselect. I'm going to have to redo everything, which I couldn't stomach yesterday, so lets hope it was a freak occurrence. I feel a tad mean with the score, but you only get to do chunks of half a star.

Wow!! After playing the first Sub Machine on my PSP a few months ago, I was really surprised to find a sequel. I didn't even know there was a series, or that it was here on Newgrounds all along!

What to say... The worlds system allows for many different art styles, and a really interesting puzzler kind of like the Fog World and Otherworld in Silent Hill Origins. The appearance of the key items definitely helps in figuring out where things go. Unfortunately the sheer size of this game gives me a headache, and honestly it stretches on too damn long. At points it's boring and way too hard. At the end, after I made sure all the rods were at the correct height and the blue thing didn't show up, I just quit. Toward the end I was already dragging my feet anyway, relying on the walkthrough more and more as I lost interest.

So what are my biggest problems with the game? Let's see...
- The places where you move up, down, or side to side are annoying to click. Several times I thought I was clicking a button while I was actually clicking the area to the right or left. Considering there's blank space on all sides of the game screen, you should have just put the buttons in the margins there.
- I get that the different areas are supposed to be confusing, and how certain areas int he same world are inaccessible unless you use another world as a proxy, but it's too damned much. You should have given a little indicator in the corner that told you your position (for instance, B3-1 meaning the third row on the second column of the map in the first world).

Overall the difficulty and magnitude of this game are just too damned brutal. What I liked about the first Sub Machine was its simplicity and fast pacing. While this game stayed fun for the majority of its length, in the end it was too much. This isn't the Bartimaeus trilogy... Seven worlds is too much to cope with, it should have been five at the most. The difficulty also makes the story unfold a lot slower than it should, and the lack of characters or events makes the story seem all the more tedious.

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So far, it says I have found three secrets (I thought I found more) One in the army place, two in the temple place, I think one in the tribal place. and the message in the tile place. If you can at least tell me which area I should look for the rest, it will be appreciated.

Mateusz is a genius. Though only a remarkably twisted mind could come up with EIGHT submachines, and this one is the goddamned crown jewel. Therefore I officially name Mateusz Skutnik an evil genius. Keep it up, mate!

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2012
10:04 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click