Oddball Omnibus (Ch 1-3)

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In a world where a mechanical society controls death, one Timekeeper refuses to fulfil his role.

Commission info at:
http://kreids-clayos.devi antart.com/

Music by Jimmy Sudekum, OST downloadable on his page.
http://jsudekum.newground s.com/
http://soundcloud.com/jim my-sudekum

As always, thanks a bunch for the front page :)
Ohmagerd a daily first, THANKYOU!
Aaand a review pick, weekly 3rd and short spot as the 3rd top vid of all time. Seriously people, feel the love


Lovely clip of film, and I truly wish it could have been longer. You did give it a good, open ending though. Well, Open if interpreted to be so. I honestly feel like I was watching something that could have made a great movie. I mean, it had a good amount of comedic relief to balance out the some-what grim story it seemed to be going for. However, I feel it lacked some explanation- like specifically a back story on the characters. What are time keepers exactly? Do they collect souls? ((as seen in a clip, someone might interpret that as them ripping out an organ rather than his soul.)) Why is the girl in the orphanage? ((was she abandoned, did her parents and relatives die, or did her relatives not have the ability to take her in? You know, the simple stuff. And one of the main character's connections to the dark looking little girl in purple at the orphanage. I mean, why would she be grinning if a staff member was getting on the red head about having her stereo blasting? Do they have some sort of connection?

However, I also see that these things could be very thoroughly explained if another film was made, which is why I say that that is a small detail that needs a bit of work added. It did have an attention grabbing plot, and a great deal of originality to it. I loved the lighting and the shading, as well as how well the medium and two shots were implemented when showing the characters. The line art did wonderfully as well. I enjoyed this, and personally hope to see more from you as well as the others who helped with the project. Lovely work all of you.

Kreid responds:

Aye, there's going to be 8 chapters, in that time I'm hoping to answer as many questions as I can

Voice acting and music are phenomenal but the sound fx are inconsistent and sometimes lacking :( the mix of the overall audio could use a mild tuning for continuity as well. Afterwards, you can sell me the dvd release for $9.99 per episode :)

(see how I used constructive criticism followed by an overwhelming compliment? You wont see this kind of sh*t on youtube! lol)

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I would gave you 5 stars but the ending was... wierd... I didn't quite understand why happened what happened... I know the "We can't have witnesses" thing but...

Kreid responds:

Basically, took her to limbo

I liked this a surprising amount for something that I had better odds of tossing a coin 13 times in the air and getting heads on all of them. The characters are likeable, the world is able to be unique and complex without being too confusing, the art design is appealing, the voice acting is engaging, hell even the background music is well done. I guess my one problem is the ending. It's not that it was a sad ending or anything, that doesn't necessarily lose any points for me, it's just that, well, your other 'toons are an obvious spoiler that they live, so why not end on that? it's not going to surprise me in the sequel, if there is one, when it turns out they live. If it wasn't for that this would be a perfect five, hell it's pretty close already. I just think it was a weak ending on an otherwise enjoyable, damn near perfect, flash.

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Kreid responds:

Already announced it as an eight parter, I was just posting the first chunk out as the rest is still in development, but I getcha, thanks

The camera was zoomed in waaaay too much.

Plus the dialog was cliché.

But compared with the rest of Newgrounds, it was very well done.

Kreid responds:

Yeah, after making this I've decided the next big thing to work on is stage direction and the camera shots, hope to improve that soon!

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Sep 27, 2012
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