Fruit Salad

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A rotoscope animation I made for a school project. Rotoscoping is the process of taking a video and drawing over it so that the drawn character mimics the movements of the character on the video. And yes, I know the beeps do a poor job at censoring, but I ran out of time to mess with the audio of the video. Hope you Enjoy.

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I was hoping for the song.
5 stars

As a neat experiment, I think it turned out rather well.

oh shit man no you didn't.

This looks like a Youtube-Video whats animated, cause noone wanted to do it in real...

Well, I suppose it wasn't TERRIBLE, but of course, there are many things to improve on. One, and as is said in the author comments, the censoring doesn't work at all, basically. Two, I'm not sure what exactly is going on in the video, that could use a bit more confirmation. Performing the fruit salad isn't exactly descriptive to somebody who doesn't know what that is (namely, me). And thirdly, I know that it's probably difficult, but the quality IS a bit lacking. If you fix these three things, this has the potential to be funny. Take this constructive criticism and use it to make something great, I know you can do it. :D