A Night Forever

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A Night Forever is a game about desire.

-- Controls --

WASD or arrow keys for movement.

-- Credits --

Benedict Fritz - Design and programming
benedictfritz.com / @benedictfritz

Gerald P. Kelley - Art and additional design
www.geraldp.net / @MooCowG

Mike Skalandunas - Music
mikeskalandunas.com / @Mike_Skal

This game uses the following openly licensed sounds:
ERH - http://www.freesound.org/
bevangoldswain - http://www.freesound.org/
people/bevangoldswain/sou nds/54778/

For screenshots visit http://benedictfritz.com/


The mood is well-crafted. I don't get why the people are hating on the characters/avatars, they're quite good for an "art game".
But the story of this is not quite clear and it's hard to grasp. Is this about the girl we play wanting to become another person (the one she chased after?) or this is about wanting a partner? It's blur to me.

But then, the game play is quite decent and the control can be improved a bit. 3 Stars.

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First off: First time playing through I bumped (uglies) with the golden person but it wouldn't continue to the next scene, and instead I ended up passing gold buddy and went so high that there was just infinite space or as you say "A Night Forever". At first I thought maybe this was the beginning of a segment for the next scene, but turns out it was a glitch and I had to start from the beginning.

After going through the cutscene again and beginning my descent "back to earth" I couldn't help but notice that because you bounced off stars it gave this conveyance like you should attempt to use the stars to prevent yourself form falling down, perhaps there was something meaningful in this, but as a mechanic it was frustrating to discover your goal to simply descend back to the ground. I can't help but agree with Kirol that art is something to be understood; but honestly this just isn't a comprehensive game. Game is such a lose term these days it seems, I think this is better portrayed as a "interactive movie".

I can see it as something symbolic for "love" I guess, but it just doesn't match my emotion as to how love works. Aside from that the part with her running and the ghoulie ghost stuff was just ridiculous and at the end I found it amusing to jump as I slowly walked towards goldie. Grey me and goldie he/she (are those tits on us lesbians?) spinned into eternity with a strange looping wind playing forever as I write a review... forever.

There is a museum for video games explaining that video games themselves are unique because they can involve any form of art. Story telling, music, hand-drawn, 3D, 2D, abstract, some games are built to even allow you to express yourself by being your medium.

With that being sad I can concur that all games are art. So the question is:

What is so innovative or compelling in this to draw my attention fully and what can this title offer me again if I was to return to it? That's a good question to ask when you create anything. I am not sure I played a game or learned anything. I don't feel as though I've challenged myself or have been inspired by anything in this. The game feels bland and blended together, the scenes bizarre and with little explanation.

To say the least the game isn't broken, but there are errors that obviously were not taken into account such as "what if I lose goldie-locks below and she disappears from the screen". The thing I'm likely the happiest about with this title is the fact you can use either the WASD or the arrow keys. I also like that I knew when I was going to fly because the ground level in the middle is lower than the sides, I have to say that is smart conveyance versus the utterly terrible conveyance that comes when you begin your descent. Another excellent thing is that we know our goal, the objective is clear from the start when goldie starts moving.

These things were correct in this, but I still believe and follow with Kirol's review as well.

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Mmm... Art is something to be understood, enjoyed, and mused upon. With this, I did none of the aforementioned.
I think you chose semiotic devices somewhat badly, and the feel of the game was clunky and counter-intuitive. During the fall, I first thought I was supposed to re-ascend and spent a good while jumping on stars to try and get back up. While this could have been your intent, I'm not so sure about the clouds. The whole thing just felt... meh, in general.
Not terrible; it's better than I could program, but you still have a way to go.

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The main thing that is missing in this is story i mean a little description at the beginng is ok but it ain't enough so that end gets a score of 0.5/5 and 4,5/10, now about artwork, i like it, but you could fresh it up a little with some details so that gets a score of 4/5 and 9/10, music is okay, that should stay as it is so that is 5/5... Add/keep mentioned stuff and you have recipe for a masterpiece...

I see the problem here. it seems you tried making an Art game that is based on Art, pure visual art, unfortunately, art game is not all about the art, it's about meaning and about some storyline, this game is not clear enough, so it is basicly not a "true art game", however I myself cannot recall of a term to a game that is about visual art only, but in that case, it shouldn't be a game.

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2.89 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2012
7:48 PM EDT
Action - Other

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