Second Wind

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A Fair Price 5 Points

Play as a Blackguard!

Anger of the Earth 5 Points

Play as a Red Knight!

Avenge Me! 5 Points

Play as an Avenger!

Crafting 101 5 Points

Play as a Lime Knight!

Duty Calls 5 Points

Play as an Enforcer!

I Shall Pass 5 Points

Play as a Wizard!

Just Cause 5 Points

Play as a Mercenary!

Kamehameha! 5 Points

Play as a Saiyan!

Karma Killer 5 Points

Play as a Monk!

Lawful Good 5 Points

Play as a Paladin!

Minds do Matter 5 Points

Play as an Esper!

Necrophiliac 5 Points

Play as a Necromancer!

Satsu No Hadou 5 Points

Play as an Oni!

Spoony 5 Points

Play as a Bard!

Sun Blocker 5 Points

Play as a Ranger!

Sword Specialist 5 Points

Play as a Warrior!

The Quiet, Shady Type 5 Points

Play as a Darkfolk!

Tree Hugger 5 Points

Play as a Druid!

Water Walker 5 Points

Play as a Cleric!

What's Yours is Mine 5 Points

Play as a Rogue!

Almost Perfect 10 Points

Get 35 points in any stat

Anomalous Materials 10 Points

Assemble two Pieces of Time!

Armed and Dangerous 10 Points

Get a 5th Tier Weapon!

Friend of Newts 10 Points

Successfully play the Flute 3 times!

O Green World 10 Points

Reach the Second Area!

Pessimist 10 Points

Get -3 in any stat!

Pot Addict 10 Points

Hold 10 Potions at Once!

Pro Leveler 10 Points

Reach Level 10!

Raging for a Bit 10 Points

Get a Rune of Enragement!

Rich Jerk 10 Points

Carry 350 Coins

Russel Crow 10 Points

Conquer the Arena!

Shut Up and Take My Money 10 Points

Visit a Gachapon!

Thinking With Portals 10 Points

Reach the Third Area

Well Equipped 10 Points

Get a 5th Tier Equip!

World Warrior 10 Points

Get an Orange Belt

You're Only Human 10 Points

Use your Second Wind!

Wimp 25 Points

Beat the game on Easy Difficulty

Rodney 50 Points

Beat the game on Medium Difficulty!

Yendor 100 Points

Beat the game on Nethack Difficulty!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Yep, it's done.

Second Wind, folks, Second Wind is here.

It's a witty blend of Text Adventure, Roguelike, and Sweet Simplicity.

All in all, there are 20 classes, three skills each, three major areas, four endings, countless monsters (as in, I'm too lazy to count them,) treasures, specialty shops, equips, weapons, and more.

Folks, this is one big game.

Also, there are medals, lots of em'

I sincerely dare you to beat the game on Nethack Difficulty.

And remember, dying is all a part of the experience :D



The last update was on October 21st, Version 1.57:

- Fixed up the Saiyan's awaken doing absolutely nothing.
- Fixed the broken meter glitch... Hopefully.
- The "explore" segment should run faster.
- And some other stuff I can't remember.

Send a PM with any additional problems and I'll get on them as soon as possible!

http://second-wind.wikia.com/wiki/Second_Wiki <-- Now there's a wiki too!



Been a good time since I didn't play a game of this type, and that much fun.
Good games from creative creators deserve good feedback. Thank you so much for this game.

it's a tribute to many classic rpg games like final fantasy, dragon warrior aka dragon quest, Etrin odyssey, you name it! I also like is the humor for example i fought a mushroom when i use bash attack it said "you can't kill the scenery!" that make me laugh. I also like is the classes it has not three classes but more types of classes that makes me bit off more than i can chew. overall great game with humor and entertainment.

Great game, with a few minor flaws. I've "completed" all the badges (though there are few which seems to have an issue that it hasn't/won't award me: 35 per stat, 5th tier weapon, 5th tier equip, flute 3 times, 10 potions, reach level 10, and 350 coins), and seen 3 endings (not counting death, of course)... or possibly four? Lots of content here. I give it 4.25 stars (officially 4.5).

Text progression from attacking an enemy to their attack/defeat message is often too quick to read.

***spoilers below***

Flew through Nethack difficulty with the Darkfolk character (IIRC -- the one with the Zap, ZAP, and BOOM skills) with only minor difficulties (of course, by that time, I had a fairly good idea when to hold back and build up stats before proceeding; though I think I would still have been creamed using most other characters at the same level/stats), so could use some balancing in places. He's still working on it and fixing/improving it, though, so I expect that that issue will be dealt with in due course.

As for the story pages, I'm eternally missing a few, but here's what I have so far:

1. Lo' is the world!
2. one arisen of four.'
3. Armon gave it structure,
4. Krillix gave it soul,
5. Spediphis gave it depth,
6. Zorom gave it life.
7. Each for their own,
8. Creatures in their image'
9. <unknown>
10. <unknown>
11. each gave their own,
12. Man from four.
13. Smith became his name,
14. One combined image.
15. <unknown>
16. <unknown>
17. He turned against them,
18. A war against his makers,
19. <unknown>
20. <unknown>
21. All is greater than one,
22. And so he fought.
23. They fought back,
24. Not one a match.
25. Yet united,
26. They would undo him.
27. <unknown>
28. <unknown>
29. Taken to another plane,
30. A land of no harm
31. But with him, they came,
32. Five in this hell,
33. Their powers wekened,
34. Their influence diminished,
35. Only in their dreams,
36. May they affect their world.

I don't know if that's the last page or not, but it s the highest numbered page I've come across. Not sure why the author would want us to share it, as once it is known it loses its value (with respect to sense of discovery within the game)...

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squidly responds:

I didn't want you to post it in the comments :P

I have a Wiki linked in the Facebook page for a reason!

Fun game. Harkens me back to simpler times. Loved the humour. The amount of different classes is ridiculous (in a good way). To be honest, I didn't enjoy it at first but I have to say that it has grown on me. Felt bad for all the Lichens I killed, at one point I thought about running from them so I didn't have to kill them, but experience points are experience points. I'm can't give it 5 stars but that is only because there is no conceivable way to download it directly into my brain. If you can implement a way to do that then get back to me and I'll hand over the last half a star. Again, fun game, Nice work!

I love this game, but there's a bit of an issue getting achievements, and as such, keeps me from unlocking the characters from those achievements. I already have a few of them, and I think that stops them from triggering in-game.

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4.16 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2012
12:01 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG