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Second Wind

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A Fair Price 5 Points

Play as a Blackguard!

Anger of the Earth 5 Points

Play as a Red Knight!

Avenge Me! 5 Points

Play as an Avenger!

Crafting 101 5 Points

Play as a Lime Knight!

Duty Calls 5 Points

Play as an Enforcer!

I Shall Pass 5 Points

Play as a Wizard!

Just Cause 5 Points

Play as a Mercenary!

Kamehameha! 5 Points

Play as a Saiyan!

Karma Killer 5 Points

Play as a Monk!

Lawful Good 5 Points

Play as a Paladin!

Minds do Matter 5 Points

Play as an Esper!

Necrophiliac 5 Points

Play as a Necromancer!

Satsu No Hadou 5 Points

Play as an Oni!

Spoony 5 Points

Play as a Bard!

Sun Blocker 5 Points

Play as a Ranger!

Sword Specialist 5 Points

Play as a Warrior!

The Quiet, Shady Type 5 Points

Play as a Darkfolk!

Tree Hugger 5 Points

Play as a Druid!

Water Walker 5 Points

Play as a Cleric!

What's Yours is Mine 5 Points

Play as a Rogue!

Almost Perfect 10 Points

Get 35 points in any stat

Anomalous Materials 10 Points

Assemble two Pieces of Time!

Armed and Dangerous 10 Points

Get a 5th Tier Weapon!

Friend of Newts 10 Points

Successfully play the Flute 3 times!

O Green World 10 Points

Reach the Second Area!

Pessimist 10 Points

Get -3 in any stat!

Pot Addict 10 Points

Hold 10 Potions at Once!

Pro Leveler 10 Points

Reach Level 10!

Raging for a Bit 10 Points

Get a Rune of Enragement!

Rich Jerk 10 Points

Carry 350 Coins

Russel Crow 10 Points

Conquer the Arena!

Shut Up and Take My Money 10 Points

Visit a Gachapon!

Thinking With Portals 10 Points

Reach the Third Area

Well Equipped 10 Points

Get a 5th Tier Equip!

World Warrior 10 Points

Get an Orange Belt

You're Only Human 10 Points

Use your Second Wind!

Wimp 25 Points

Beat the game on Easy Difficulty

Rodney 50 Points

Beat the game on Medium Difficulty!

Yendor 100 Points

Beat the game on Nethack Difficulty!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Yep, it's done.

Second Wind, folks, Second Wind is here.

It's a witty blend of Text Adventure, Roguelike, and Sweet Simplicity.

All in all, there are 20 classes, three skills each, three major areas, four endings, countless monsters (as in, I'm too lazy to count them,) treasures, specialty shops, equips, weapons, and more.

Folks, this is one big game.

Also, there are medals, lots of em'

I sincerely dare you to beat the game on Nethack Difficulty.

And remember, dying is all a part of the experience :D



The last update was on October 21st, Version 1.57:

- Fixed up the Saiyan's awaken doing absolutely nothing.
- Fixed the broken meter glitch... Hopefully.
- The "explore" segment should run faster.
- And some other stuff I can't remember.

Send a PM with any additional problems and I'll get on them as soon as possible!

http://second-wind.wikia.com/wiki/Second_Wiki <-- Now there's a wiki too!



'Smith rules alone.'


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squidly responds:

Don't worry, you could've done worse.

Takes forever to load Oo my god. I'm still waiting even as we speak, but I'm really anxious for this game!

I did it! After waaaay too many hours, my luck held up enough for my mercenary to become almighty and beat the game (...on easy).

I don't think I properly explored the purple area, as it wasn't at all clear what was game ending and what was random god murder and so on. It'll be vaguely annoying to get back there again if I feel so inclined.

The medal for achieving lvl 10 didn't unlock for me. I think I was 18 or so when I won, but that's somewhat annoying. I've yet to play with the various characters I unlocked during this run, hopefully some of them will allow things to go a little smoother based on proper skill usage instead of relying so heavily on luck. That might be overly optimistic...

It's annoying that everytime you have a gameover you need to sit through the newgrounds and hairy games logos.

Theres 4 endings apparently? I have no idea how one would go about getting alternate endings, as I spent a looong time in both the starting area and the second area (the blue gazebo in particular decided to be super elusive for me...). I suppose there were some mysterious runes that are probably related perhaps, but I don't know what I'd be trying to do with them...

The fountain in the green area seemed to boost stats regardless of the message that was given when you took a drink. I don't know if it was supposed to act like the potions where it's random whether they help or not, or if that's just a perk of the area.

Things get weird and random later on in this game (boar and ribbon boar enemies) and even if you're all powerful theres that one enemy which copies your stats which for me basicly meant running was necessary. I was frequently at 999 gold at the end so that's not a huge deal, but it was annoying.

Still, the metric butt ton of randomness throughout the game, both in the RNG sense and the loloctopusrover sense, makes it hard to tell if things are all working as intended. I was surprised I didn't get a medal for sucessfully hugging the dungeon wanderer for example.

I'm inclined to think I'd enjoy it more if I could reasonably hang back and fight the early monsters (e.g. mushrooms) and just slowly grind my way up to higher levels until my character could actually stand a chance on first encountering an angry mob and the similar higher level things in the same area. Alternatively, if running away was a little more reliable, a bit more strategy in picking and choosing fights could be used, but as it is it seems to be a matter of beating your head against the RNG wall until you get lucky.

It's addictive enough that people seem inclined to actually do so, but it can definitely be super frustrating when success is almost completely independent of your skill as a player.

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squidly responds:

Yea, merc is a tough class to use - though it's rewarding as it's the class that could probably score you the highest due to its additional coin drop rate.

I don't think success is completely independent of skill, I thought that for a bit with ALL roguelikes, but I think there's always a technique - you just have to learn the secrets of the game, what works and what doesn't.

I can ascend this game practically every time I play it, maybe that's because I've played it a billion times for bug testing, but it's also because there is a way to avoid everything.

For example, click run BEFORE the bomb explodes.

I'm an addict now. If you'll excuse I must now go unlock the rest of the classes

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squidly responds:

Heh heh...

Great game. Captivating, just beat the -entertaining- game, and I'm going back for another run! :)

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