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Grandmaw is hungry! Help her get her chickens.

NG Staff: This account has been taken over to give proper credit to WeaselStudios.com. They said this submission may stay on Newgrounds as long as they get credit for it.


forget what the last guy said

this is great it doesnt matter if they appear in the same place chopping naythings haed off rocks! great flash


It goes like this:
The fellow before me pretty much covered it all.
Too fast, too easy.
You might wanna bring up the roof, say the entire redneck texan near family coming for dinner, so ya need to make a meal for +30 cousins, that means at least 30 chicken heads.
Another aspect, is that the chicken movement is monotanous, repetitive, it is pretty easy as you know exactly where and when a chicken will fly by ripe for the picking - randomize it (if ya know how to program the parameters).
Having a mad chicken coming at you from time from to time from a random location, and needing to hit it with an alternative weapon (throw a knife at it?) otherwise it strikes you down, will add some spice and fun.
Also, try to set up seconary levels, like with pigs and such other animals.
The concept is good, and graphics were nice, the music fit the theme.
Overall it's fun, but runs out too fast and is too easy to accomplish.


alright man. it looked good, sounded... adaquete and and looked like it might possibly be fun, but it takes ten seconds to beat and theres only one round. come on man, you get lazy or something?


fucken stupid get a life!!

Pretty Good

Not bad. This was pretty funny, but incredibly short. U should add more ills and also more ways to kill.

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2.95 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2002
6:50 AM EDT
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