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The game is won when you reach the level target or earn more money than your opponent. You must constantly upgrade your restaurant to maintain customers and revenue. If you hire more employees, your serving speed will increase.


Really nice game, very enjoyable and lots of fun!

I really liked this game. It was super addicting. I played through the whole thing, and although it was easy I still had fun. It's a good way to waste time when you're bored.

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I enjoyed this game very much and although it resembles another game, it is sufficiently fun and unique in its own way.

Very good and very competitive should amke it multiplayer some how >:D

Krisantus responds:


Pretty cool, I remember there was another game just like this where you had to balance upgrades with supply/demand and compete against another restaraunt. I don't want to say that you plagarized or anything, so instead I will just suggest that you carry on with something more unique in the future.

I think you could fix a couple of things like blacking out the levels player has completed, I think there's a certain psychology in "LEVEL COMPLETED" that makes aplayer feel satisfied with his achievements in the game. Also, I understand I can't upgrade the restaurant with customers inside, but I also can't do it when they're in the opponents restaurant or on the screen at all? Hmmm...

Overall I think the game is a little cramped and could use some more unique features than the other one i had mentioned.

Krisantus responds:


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3.20 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2012
11:33 PM EDT
Simulation - Other