When they want you dead

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NG and YT total of over 45k views! THANK YOU! Keep em coming :P

'When they want you dead' is a madness story with a little different view on the 'bad guy' thing. If you find the intro boring, don't worry, just sit back and wait, there's a lot of good action later.

Kills: 178
Length: 22m15s (33,440 frames @ 26 fps, dynamic speed, interpolation)
No cliffhanger!
Lines of code: 4,400

It uses my own 3D animation engine. It utilizes not-so reliable but powerful features of the Flash Player. You'll need version 11.2.

====== IMPORTANT ======
There's a chance that you won't be able to start the animation at all. There's a YouTube link below the title for this reason. Also, make sure to choose appropriate quality (old/good/modern hardware). If you find the animation ridiculously slow, restart it on lower quality or rather watch it on YouTube.

Happy late Madness Day 2012!


the video lost me like 5 minutes in.

I love it so much the helcpotor was made great and that zombie boss great one question whats up with the big boss with his face really its creepy but yet very awesome so five stars my friend five stars

Nice effects.

bla bla bla

The quality and production value of this Madness Animation is astonishing. Not to mention that as it seems you were responsible for all the artwork and freelance animation in the flash. Also to my understanding this is the longest Madness animation ever made or so as it seems. I'm unsure considering this is the longest one I've seen thus far and the most work put into. What makes this masterpiece stand out is the creative spectrum that revolves around the whole animation primarily including the 3D and occasional freelance animation that appears according to specific scenarios. The artwork works to a well-enough extent. Not the best but the fact you did it all yourself is really all that matters. Insight of that this is a great Madness animation through and through and i'm prepared to see more if you'd be interested in that. 5/5 ^_^

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Coft responds:

Thank you :)

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Sep 23, 2012
10:02 PM EDT