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When they want you dead

rated 4.33 / 5 stars
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Sep 23, 2012 | 10:02 PM EDT

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Author Comments

NG and YT total of over 45k views! THANK YOU! Keep em coming :P

'When they want you dead' is a madness story with a little different view on the 'bad guy' thing. If you find the intro boring, don't worry, just sit back and wait, there's a lot of good action later.

Kills: 178
Length: 22m15s (33,440 frames @ 26 fps, dynamic speed, interpolation)
No cliffhanger!
Lines of code: 4,400

It uses my own 3D animation engine. It utilizes not-so reliable but powerful features of the Flash Player. You'll need version 11.2.

====== IMPORTANT ======
There's a chance that you won't be able to start the animation at all. There's a YouTube link below the title for this reason. Also, make sure to choose appropriate quality (old/good/modern hardware). If you find the animation ridiculously slow, restart it on lower quality or rather watch it on YouTube.

Happy late Madness Day 2012!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

For some reason i can't see it on my laptop...

Coft responds:

That can happen. That's why there's a link to YouTube. -.-


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting. But it seemed like it should have fast motion, and less misplaced things, and maybe more bullet holes.
However its rare to see a decent 3D Animations.
But overall i give it a 3.5/5
P.S. you could try checking for misplacement if u have spare time before uploading.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well in my opinion it looked kinda shitty (no offense im your fan) but i dont rly like that kind of animation so 4.5/5


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, that was certainly a sizeable piece. I've got a few things to say.

The 3D effect was an interesting concept in theory, but in practice, here, the number of errors caused by the use of the 3D environment (lack of elements in outer edges of the frame, miscalculated depth, misplacement of sprites, low resolution textures on models) overwhelmed the benefits. Coupled with that, there was just something... off about the choreography. The movements of everything, dudes, weapons, vehicles, projectiles, seemed just a little bit too... slow. Everything seemed to be taking its time getting where it was going, and that's not lag, I'm on a gaming rig here and the 3D sections were running at 60+ frames per second.

Again on the subject of the 3D sequences, their visual quality compared to the quality of the 2D frame-by-frame animation really cheapened the 2D animation, particularly given the 2D animation was of significantly lower quality to begin with. If you attempt a splice like this again, I suggest you make an effort to have your 2D segments run at a framerate similar to that of the 3D segments, either by capping the 3D framerate or increasing the 2D framerate with more... well, frames.

Lastly, saying there's 'no actual protagonist or antagonist' comes off as really quite pretentious, given that the flash clearly featured visor guy and rocket-pack guy as the protagonists, and glasses guy with his army of grey guys as the antagonists. The protagonists may have been anti-heroes, but that didn't make them not protagonists.

But, despite all that, I really enjoyed the animation. The 3D aspect, while flawed, was extremely interesting and lent itself to some brilliant camerawork. Some of the content was just plain awesome - the addition of the body-consumer, Mr. Faceless, and Flaming Dude With Sword added a wonderful fantastic element that kept the animation from succumbing to Madness tedium and becoming just another bloodbath with lots of grey. Also, the music was fitting and well-placed.

Overall, flawed, but in the end, quite good and certainly memorable. If I were you, I'd keep working with that 3D engine of yours; see if you can iron out the quirks and give it that extra spunk. I'd certainly like to see more done with it.

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Coft responds:

I guess you're right about everything you've said.
Lots of the sprites are misplaced, because when animating I control the z-position by setting some numbers, and this 'compile and check if it's right' technique made me ignore some inacurracies really fast. Bad technique, my fault obviously.
A lot of people complain about the animation being slow - that's right, my fight scenes are bad and slow, BUT - when watching the animation at 60 fps, fullscreen, on a huge screen, making it any faster just made it confusing. I've also used some super-smooth-camera tricks, so for the scenes where nothing cool's happening, I expected it would make them interesting. But you said you had 60fps and that it's slow, so I guess it didn't work.
The 'anti-hero' thing - thanks, I didn't know that.
Most of the wrong stuff is caused by the engine being a Flash / 3D hybrid and its ineffective animating, so no, I hope I'll never have to use it again. But I'll make a better one :)
Thanks for the review.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Quantity over quality is never a good thing.