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Pokemon or Something?

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Comedy - Parody

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Sep 23, 2012 | 5:20 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Sorry for the wait,but heres PokeAwesome 2.

P.S thanks Thomas my boy for the front page ;)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

we all copy the animation of krikles on madness day.
hes as happy as hell. and people give 5 stars for faceless fuck beating the shit out of each other.
many fuckers use MS paint to do shitty pixel animations, and fuck, 5 stars again for bullshit.
shitloads of fuckfaces copy the traditional shitty animation and voices of clockday, and what? FIVE STARS. Tobuscus and Gonnazzm DEFINITELY fucking copy each other, and shit son, UBER FAMOUS ON YOULUBE. We all fucking copy each other, any concept, idea ANYTHING. I for one, felt pokemon was bullshit after the 5th game. why? because each game was repetitive. EVERY FUCKING TIME. yet you fuckers use it to a huge inspirational advantage. so shut the fuck up about coping, you hypocrites, because i can see hes trolling you and knows the fuck he copied off thes man-sluts.
so stop bitching about it, and give five stars because you'll be doing it too, trust me, when pokeshit or egohumper gets a portal and a "Happy X day Y!". seriously, im just gonna give it 5 for what it is, and how it made me laugh, because alot of this on here is bullshit, but sometimes i laugh to the jokes, and when i do...FIVE STARS!
so, wash your hands, your face, and your fucking bedsheets, give it 5, and thank me you did so.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This doesn't remind me of egoraptor at all.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is a good reimagination of Egoraptors style.

If your response to that is, "I'm just learning" then my response is, "Cute, still a reimagination."

It's cool to learn and to emulate styles of people you enjoy, but for fuck sake get your own jokes and try a different style of acting, animating and humor. Spazdick is just as bad, so his little hub-bub is like a bunch of horny dogs sniffing their own asses and telling each other how great they smell. It's a rip-off, plain and simple. Admit to it, get the fuck over it, and continuing ripping off people until you have your own style. Don't lie to your audience, or to yourself like Spazkid has.

Now that that's that. The animation was done rather well. A bunch of choppy parts which weren't nice to look at, and some rather unfinished frames here and there, but overall the movement was smooth and pleasing. If this had some more polishing I would've rated higher.

The writing had some funny parts. Nothing really clever, just reusable jokes with reusable characters. There was nothing really new about content either. Pokemon is a long fucking game. Go play it, joke about something no one else has. The "God damn Dexter, you're so informative" part makes me laugh every time. It's nice to hear a fresh under exaggerated joke. What is an over exaggerated joke?

Anything Egoraptor does. IE. Nurse "Derp" Joy. I got enough of that humor in the Awesome Series. People who've never seen the awesome series are going to like this, but most of the audience on newgrounds will ask you to stop picking up Ego's toilet paper sketches and turning them into cartoons.

I wasn't going to say anything at all, but Spazkid and his little fiasco of blatant rip-offery "this is inspiration" made me want to vomit just as much as his "go ahead and do it and be proud" bs. It's not about being proud, it's owning up to the fact that you've done nothing original. Yeah you wrote it, yeah you animated it, but come on. No go ahead and click the little minus "bad review" button cuz I hurt your feelings.

Keep animating, just do something the rest of us haven't seen 1000000000000 times.

Screwits responds:

Thanks for the feedback on my animation I agree with the flaws it had,cause it was rather rushed,cause I knew Egoraptor was making a PokeAwesome 2 as I was making this at the time I was in the middle of making it as he made the offical announcement.So I didn't want to get bashed for making a Pokemon animation cause our all mighty god egoraptor was out there making one.and I didn't want to get more grief than I already do for making this Pokemon thing even exist.

Now that that's that.I have to disagree on something you said,that made you come off as ignorant. Like big time.

You said to not use the style of animating that Egoraptor uses,which is what? Bouncy movement,anatomy bending,stretchy and lively,colorful and free,wacky and zany,fun and "awesome". So basically don't make a,CARTOON. That's everything that defines a cartoon. Something wacky and something you cant do in real life. something that you cant even come close to doing in real life. Something fun to look at?

Egoraptor took something from old cartoons like ren and Stimpy,Spongebob,looney tunes show and all of those classic gems(with the exception of Spongebob which is fucking gay now,no like literally) and put it on the internet. He didn't fucking define the "style" you keep going on about,he just POPULARIZED IT. Hes making a cartoon hes always been doing that and crazy kids like you are like "Whoaaa he did something new that's existed sense FOREVER" uh ooooh break through! Im not "upset" about you "hurting my feelings" I'm flabbergasted that you HONESTLY believe that Egoraptor is some big shot celebrity that us animators shouldn't even think of crossing paths with,hes not.

and everything Spazkid said is true,hes not fooling himself or his audience,hes stating the obvious. Apparently your too blind to see that.So im guessing based off what you said, Egoraptor(fuck im saying his name alot) isnt very original himself then,cause he borrowed alot aspects of animation you just don't believe others shouldn't follow also.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

OMG Stop copying me ARGH!!!

hey uhh everyone remeber awesome series? How before it became the loose cartoon anime style you've all grown to love it was a big whit eyed thing with character with absolutely no features, but then suddenly girlc chan omes out and no ones allowed to use a cartoon anime style, and the Awesome reach comes out and its against the i internet code to do any random faces.

Ego just like evryone else has gone through a phase of inspiration and hes use that to morph his skills, Its fun to be ignorant and play the blame game but sometimes you gotta open your fucking eyes. Ego obviously was greatley influenced by megaman and hes into a very common korean art.

Ego didnt invent the color wheel so if people wanna use colorful colors and make there animations stretchy and crazy like every animation in the fucking world (besides most canadian ones) than I think they have the right too.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars