HTD: Collection 002

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Baby Gryphon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Baby Gryphon.

Chibi Gryphon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Chibi Gryphon.

Chibi Katniss 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Chibi Katniss.

Dragon Slayer 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Dragon Slayer.

Flying Dragon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Flying Dragon.

Griffon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Griffon.

Gryphon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Gryphon.

Jake Long 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Jake Long.

Justin Bieber 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Justin Bieber.

Ord the Dragon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Ord the Dragon.

Traditional Griffin 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Traditional Griffin.

Wayvern Dragon 5 Points

Complete the tutorial for Wayvern Dragon.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

How to Draw: Collection 002

Learn how to draw with fifteen tutorials (three hidden). Will your art take you to the skies?
-Ord the Dragon
-Baby Gryphon
-Chibi Katniss
-Justin Bieber
-Chibi Gryphon
-Jake Long
-Traditional Griffin
-Flying Dragon
-Wayvern Dragon
-Dragon Slayer

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Cool You are back.

Alright so you have impressed me sofar. you for sure have a good eye for some detail, but some other things could be slightly better in some details here and there and ill try and pin-point them for you here today. Alright at first i thought you had given up on newgrounds but am glad to see you back here and i like the idea of you adding more collections, now my first advice is you should change the music for each collection not have the same one The "STEPS" could also be longer and more slower for more of a learning lession, the copy and paste here seems too repettitive, so those are some things to learn from the las HTD collections, Take the Gryphon its a largly detailed drawing and you only had a few steps so this one will need some longer steps you cover too much too fast, Also adding a larger screen where the drawing takes place would also be helpfull to the learner. Also i noticed that when im done with one of the tutorials, you have to scroll down to the bottom to find the small "MENU" button so two things come from this, and your submission can be much better for if you made larger buttons and also made the buttons at the top by your arrows so you dont have to scroll back and fourth all the time. Well i did enjoy your 2nd collection here and hope to see some better improvments i really like what you have here and the efforts are there but would like to see more success come your way soon. You can make a new menu page aswell, making each tutorials button more nifty and visually better looking. And to end things here on a positive note, you know what you want and you go out and get it and it shows in your ideas and the whole concept, something i wouldnt mind being better but thats more for improvment stuff, anyways good flash here.

And with everything already said here today, there is still some improvment areas that you can work on with some effort and more ideas to make it a bigger and badder flash then ever, so i have a few ideas here and i will get to those soon enough. Change the music so you have something differant each time, Slow down the lessons, more teaching how to draw each step with slower steps would be a plus to the learner and you as the teacher. And once again a larger view screen or canvus is much needed, not the small screen you have them on. Make larger buttons, and move the menu button to the top of the screen for more easier access. And last but not least, you have alot of tutorials in this one when you are on the menu page they are all "BUNCHED" up an idea of improvment here is make each one with borders more like an icon of sorts so that each one is easier to distinguise from the next, it looks more like one big pic,

I gave the 2 and a half for the fact that it's coded nicely and the medals are quite easy to get but i took away the other 2 and a half because i do not feel like it is your art. The styles are too drastically different and too cookie cutter for the styles that they're in to be anything but taken straight off of another website with picture tutorials. Also the lack of a signature on the pictures and and actual explanations on how to improve on art in general, rather than improving on the single piece that is being drawn, are tell tale signs of copy and paste. Any artist will go in depth on how and why they do certain things in regards to drawing in their stylistic sense, this was just cookie cutter and extremely unhelpful for anyone with the actual want to learn how to improve. I'm sorry to call you out on this but I honestly think this isn't your original work and being an artist myself I know that I wouldn't want people flaunting my own art as if they drew it them selves or as if they knew what was going on in my head while i drew it.

merda de joguinho fuleiro

Great collection of art!

Amazing, but Who wanna draw Justin Biber?

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3.18 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2012
5:29 AM EDT