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SuicideSonic.avi (BETA)

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Sep 22, 2012 | 10:46 AM EDT

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-Urban Legend of SuicideSonic.avi-

-''The famous creation of Yuji Naka, Sonic the Hedgehog, was worldwide famous. And then, SEGA was preparing a convention to get some ideas for their new game, Sonic 3. That convention was planned for the June 26, 1993, but it never started that day due to a big problem. An SEGA worker found a rare video inside a black box. It was very covered with dust, but the name of the clip, ''SonicRun'' was very viewable. It was written with graphite. But then, with the desire of get ideas for their new game, they were decided to play the video. For obvious reasons he cleaned up the video tape, and something went wrong. The name ''SonicRun'' was just a sticker that was above the video's real name, ''SuicideSonic.avi''. When the worker noticed that name he was confused and scared at the same time, asking why a Sonic the Hedgehog video had that name. He called his colleagues and he told them what happened. They just laughed thinking about a joke, just like in April Fools. The worker wasn't too sure to play that video, but he played it anyway. Due to the tape quality, the video never worked in the TV. So he created a copy of the .avi for his computer. When it started, he was thinking the worst. Well, at the start the video should start with the SEGA logo, but it doesn't. The video is just a loop of twentyfive frames showing Sonic the Hedgehog with a sad face running over four buildings without end. At the third second of the video a very creepy piano music started playing. That combination of gray colors, the emotion of Sonic's face and that music makes an ultimate dismal scene for the SEGA workers watching that video. Yuji Naka himself was been noticed about the clip. He was very impressed with that video, and he spook: ''That video isn't mine and I never knew this before!'' And also he was disturbed with the awful noises of the videotape. After nine seconds of the video some words pop out the screen and fade out at an incredible speed. The watchers deduced they were secret or subliminal messages. They tried to stop the video to read the words but they were too fast to be noticed. Everything stayed as the same until second 40, when the Piano music stopped playing and suddenly changed into a static noise. The workers tried to configure the video thinking this is an error of the video player but it wasn't, the noise is part of the original clip and it was placed at purpose. The clip was really weird and they stopped playing it, leaving the room to get some air. But then another worker resumed the video player and he continued watching it, but it was instead different. This is just a black screen, rarely showing ghostly faces coming from the background. They are two in total. He closed the room's doors so he can watch it alone, and the worst part of the video, a crude scene: Sonic the Hedgehog face melts, buildings distort and a very horrible scream starts, were his reward from looking at that clip. At the end there's a very, very disturbing close-up of Sonic's melt face with a noise as music like a broken toy box. The worker screamed and fainted. 59 minutes later, practically a hour, the rest of the SEGA workpeople found him dead, with a pistol in his hand and with eyes backwards. It was supposed that he looked at the crudest scene of the tape, removing his life from the world. They never tried to watch the video again, but instead they created an almost perfect copy of the first four minutes of the .avi and the black screen, but removing the dismal scene. The original video is protected inside the black box, where it was first found... Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has been released and SEGA never talked about ''SuicideSonic.avi'' anymore...''

(Can you guys found the subliminal messages?)



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that's crappy looking


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no idea , game over , no thoughts. Can Anybody Find Any More Of the subliminal messages?


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el juego original es suicidemouse


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Okay, so... if the worker was the only guy who watched the whole video, and he commited suicide, how did anybody know what came at the end of the video to write it as a story here?


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