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Madness: Recommencement

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I bleed? 5 Points

Use knife special attack to cause bleed

I need it! 5 Points

Pick 50 firstaid kits

Itch removing 5 Points

Backstab enemy

Yoink! 5 Points

Steal weapon

Stunning 10 Points

Use stun grenade 50 times

Watch your step 10 Points

Use landmine to kill enemy

Assaulter 25 Points

100 kills with assault rifle

Axe Crazy 25 Points

100 kills with axe

Death from afar 25 Points

50 kills with sniper rifle

Kaboom! 25 Points

25 kills with hand grenades

Old Faithful 25 Points

100 kills with shotgun

Pistol Master 25 Points

100 kills with pistol

Pyromaniac 25 Points

50 kills with flamethrower

Skull Basher 25 Points

100 kills with bat

Stab! Stab! Stab! 25 Points

100 kills with knife

Sword is the best 25 Points

100 kills with sword

And stay dead! 50 Points

Kill 1000 zombies

Mayhem 50 Points

1500 total killcount

Author Comments

Happy Madness Day!

Here's small game for you all.
Code wise biggest as3 game I've done
v1.0 had 13783 lines of code.
v1.2 has 15129 lines of code.

You should see versio number 1.2.1 beneath the title in Main Menu. If you don't see it clear browser's cache.

UPDATE 10.05.2012
Added message when focus is lost.

UPDATE 1.2 09.29.2012

-Fixed reload lock-up
-Fixed infinite flamethrower bug
-Fixed grenade throw when jumping
-Fixed I bleed? medal
-Fixed Backstab medal

Weapon/Enemy tweaks
-Shotgun shoots 5 bullets.
-Flamethrowers range increased
-Shotgun & Sniperrifle carrying capacity increased
-All knife specials inflict bleed status.
-Backstab can instant kill from behind enemy or stunned enemy
-Bat specials causes stun.
-Axe & Assaultrifle damage output increased.
-Sappers no longer drop knifes

Player tweaks
-Players receives immunity for stagger/knock effects for few seconds when player gets knocked
-Specials move cost reduced from 1/3 stamina to 1/6 stamina
-Enemies can no longer interrupt special.

New enemies
-Commando (throws grenades)
-Medic(Always drops firstaid kit)

New weapon
-Stun grenade

If you find any bugs let me know!

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en veda me gusta

The game itself is good, but I am experiencing something weird, it's about controls. When I get knocked down and get up the left/right movement is not working for me or starts to work with a solid delay.

este juego es muy bueno :D

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