Madness Association II

September 22, 2012 –
October 9, 2017
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Author Comments

Wow you guys still watch this?


-Nah, better wait 'til all my teammates are dead, that will give me a clearer shot.

This happens so much, but not only with you. I mean, they could miss and that will be good enough.
Also, I like how you customize almost every enemy that appears. It gives the animation a personal touch. I like it.
4.5 Stars for you!

just wait for a bit then it will show up fully loaded

Where The hell is the video?
It doesn't load for me but it isn't a white screen D:


great but that guys scream like girls XD


This is pretty good, my only complaints are the constant screams from the grunts being killed and the lack of bullet tracers. Without the tracers it looks like the bullets pierce everything and everyone and that CLEARLY didn't happen. I think the screams should have been for brutal melee only, and they should have been toned down so it wouldn't overlap the sound of the action.

Overall, a solid 4 stars.

Dude Just NICE!

you just got another fan bro

nice i liked it cant wait for part 3 i like the sprites and the vid was very go you are talented

batter and BATTER! nice work

goooood i hope theres a part 4 or 5 or 6 or 7

holy u justkeep gettig better and better :P ur gonna be getting awards in no time good work cant wait for the 3rd one :')

Very Good !
I Wanna see the Part 3 !

good, but i think you need to be better .
good job.

animation's getting a little bit better. not great, but passable.

also, where's my credit for the graphics you ripped from me?

This gun sprites look's VERY familiar) U should ask me to use them, u know, and maybe add me to credits.


do not continue

Great job! I love it and the blood looks great FIVE STARS!

You're The King Of Violence!

Not bad ;)

nice movie dude, but i think... the advert of the preload is unnecesary XD everibody knows that madness have blood and gore...ok, also, i like you animation style you are improving ;)

well it is good, but in fact i expected more a little bit.
you are good animator, I like bloody style. and the sounds.
but your action is sometimes chaotic and a litlle bit slow ( movements are slow )
and you need put more more fights without weapons to your animation.

This is good abreaction.
sorry for bad review and bad grammar. :)


it's great!

Your an awesome animator your good and this movie is awesome
looking forward to watch part three! :DDD Hey... look i'm in the credits awesome! ^_^

Hey man that was pretty good, practice more and the movement will get better, practice to be able to draw own sprites and that will be better too I'm sure. Tablets help. Also when you cut to credits and want another song, open the actionscript console and put in the "stopallsounds" command on the frame before the new song begins, this will make all sounds stop on that frame and only what's on the frame after will play.

Love it! It's only annoying, where in every screen goes automatically medium quality, so you have to keep clicking high quality to see its best look, otherwise great job!


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4.37 / 5.00